The food in coronovirus days!

Hi Anna,
How are things there in Perou? I hope you’ll manage to get through this virus? Here in Greece we have many cases and dead people but this isn’t the basic subject of my e-mail. In this e-mail I want to ask you about the food which you are eating these days that you are in your houses. Here the traditional food are: giouvarlakia, dolmadakia, tomato salad, spinach pie and more… Here also these days we have to not go often to the supermarket. My family goes to the supermarket every two weeks. It’s very difficult! What do you eat there in Perou? How often do you go to the supermarket?
Let me know,
Your pen friend Panagiotis

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  • Panagiotis eating healthy food is very important !! The Coronavirus shouldn’t change our eating habits !!!

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