The experience of getting something that you want.


Last summer I was working very much and every day. I was very tired and disappointed because I didn’t do anything despite the work and I didn’t have time to go somewhere for having good time. So, I decided that at the end of the season I would travel to Europe and especially to Germany. I wanted this trip so badly because I needed to escape from hectic life.

First of all, I presumed that I will do this trip in November when I will end from work, as a result, I foretell all the days and got my tickets for Berlin. Suddenly, at the end of September, I stopped the work for a few days and I will begin again in November the days that I will be in Berlin. I was very upset and I didn’t know what to do. I had two choices to cancel my trip or to change the dates and do this trip alone for the first time in my life.

This would mean that I would travel to Berlin alone and that I should change all my plans. Firstly, I change my aeroplane tickets and I paid 180 euros more for this. Because of this, I decided to go from Mytilene to Thessaloniki by boat, so I buy a ticket a few days later. Unfortunately, when I went to buy a ticket the officer told to me that the boats had stopped that day because of the bad weather. I was very upset and I didn’t know if I should do this trip. The only solution was to take an aeroplane ticket which cost 100 euros. I did that because I didn’t have other option and I wanted so much to go somewhere. Finally, I went to Berlin alone.

To sum up, this travel made me better human and I would do it again and again. For the first time in my life, I could feel free and ready to attack my fears and myself. I had time to think about my future in a beautiful place and to take the decision to change my life in better ways. I appreciated the glorious places and finally, I saw the substance and not the things which don’t matter. I felt happy and full for a long time.

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