The Doctor. The Story of a Prodigy.

Hi guys! How are things? I hope you’re well!!! Today I want to talk to you about a story of a young autistic boy called Ali. That story happened in Turkey many years ago, so don’t worry if you haven’t ever heard any name of the story. First, I want to tell you some specialities that the autistic people and especially Ali have: First, they don’t want anybody to touch them (the single person that Ali wanted to touch him was his brother), they can’t defend themselves, they don’t talk a lot, they all are genius and they want you to take care of them, to have faith to them. Nobody wanted Ali. Neither his classmates nor his parents. The single person that was taking care of him, that had faith to him was his brother. Ali loved him and his brother was doing whatever he could to see Ali happy. After a lot of time, Ali and his brother had an accident which costed his brother’s life. After that Ali’s parents took him to an orphanage. When Ali was a little child he wanted to be a surgeon and he had promised to his brother that he would be. And he managed it. He studied a lot and when a surgeon, doctor Adil visited him at the orphanage he became surprised. When Ali grew up doctor Adil who was taking care of him took him to the hospital he was working at to be the helper of another doctor, doctor Ferman. At first, nobody wanted him again except for a woman, doctor Nazli. After a long time they finally all understood that Ali was a genius and that he had always a solution to every problem in surges. Ali was living in the same block of flats with doctor Nazli. Nazli was taking care of him. She was cooking for him and she was generally trying to make everybody love Ali. Ali felt in love with Nazli but he didn’t know how to tell her that. He bought a beautiful rose and he told her it. And because of his love, he tried to overcome his problems and live like a normal person.

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  • Such a touching story !! We are all different and we must respest & help each other !! Bravo Panagioti !!

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