Alexander the Great died in June 323 Bc. After the long trips, the battles, a life full of adventure in Asia, he felt weak and he had a fever. His people were worried about him and the doctors made their best to cure the king of his illness, but after 10 days he died in Babylon.
At the last moments of his life, he asked to see his soldiers, one by one, because he wanted to thank them for being beside him. As he was about to die he said”After my death, I want the best doctors to carry my soulless body to the grave. In that way, people will understand that even the best doctors are defeated by death. I want my treasures to cover the way to my grave because I want people to see that neither they could keep you alive. I want my bare hands to be shown to everyone, so people will see that we leave this world with empty hands, as we got born. The only treasure that has been given to us is the time we live in this world”
His death gave sadness to his soldiers and deep grief to his nearest people who loved their king.
This was the end of the “lord of the world”.

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