The Christmas Chronicles!!!(Movie Review)

This movie is called the Christmas Chronicles. It’s about Kate Pierce, a 10 year-old girl, who is looking forward to Santa Clause’s visit to her house for presents, and Teddy Pierce, Kate’s older brother who don’t believe into Santa Claus. Kate had an amazing plan to trap Santa Claus in order to talk to him but her brother didn’t want to help her. At the end, Kate managed to persuade him. Fortunately for them, their mum had to work the New Year’s Eve so they could prepare everything to trap Santa Claus. After a lot of work, they went to their bedrooms to wait to hear Santa trapping. But suddenly Kate, because of her curiosity, wanted to go out of their house to look if Santa was coming. But when she went outside she saw Santa’s sleigh and she saw him jumping from chimney to chimney. Her brother and she were very excited and they jumped and hided into Santa’s sleigh. After some time Santa came and he started going up with the sleigh. When he saw them he was very scared and the ropes of the sleigh teared, Santa’s sack fell down, they all landed in a place that they didn’t know and Santa’s reindeer ran away and Santa’s . What they had to do was to find Santa’s hat and sack, his reindeer and fix his sleigh in order to save Christmas.

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