The Bull Festival

The Bull sacrifice is an annual festival that takes place in Lesvos,Greece. Its held in the Monastery of Taxiarchis at the village Madamados. It is celebrated a week after Easter and its a three day village feast.

Based on an ancient tradition, a bull is decorated with a beautiful flower crown before being sacrificed. It is then turned into a dish called “kisketi” with wheat. Visitors enjoy eating this speacial dish. People browse around looking at many different stalls that merchants have set up. You can buy whatever you need and find good bargains. Some others prefer to go horse riding since many locals arrive at the Monastery on horseback.

I personally do not like the bull being sacrificed publicly but other than that I really like and reccomend that you do not miss this opportunity to ride the horses and miss this festival. It is a thrilling and an unforgettable experience.


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