The broken pot

In China, an old woman every day used to carry water from a well, a long way to home. She had two pots hanging on a pole across her neck. One of the pots was perfect but the other was cracked. The perfect pot carried every day the whole portion of the water, but the cracked one was always half full at the end of her long walk. This was happening every day and at the end of the way, the perfect pot was very proud of carrying all the water home. It felt ashamed because it could do less than it had been made to do.
One day the pot spoke to the old woman and said “I am ashamed because my crack doesn’t allow me carrying full water at home. I apologise”. The old woman smiled and kindly answered that it didn’t matter, because she always knew about the defect of the pot.”Have you noticed that there are beautiful flowers on your side along the path, but hot from the other side?” she asked.
“While I knew the water is leaking of your crack, I planted some flowers on the ground. So as we keep going along the path you allow the flowers to have some water. It doesn’t matter that you arrive home half full, because you water the beautiful flowers. So you are not useless”.

MORAL=Nobody is perfect. But it is important to turn out our defeats to be good.

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