The boy who could do what he liked

The title of this book is the boy who could do what he liked.

This book is written by David Baddiel.

This book is about Alfie, a boy that had a lot of routines. This boy was very good at all. He had too many routines. Some routines he had was a waking-up routine, a getting-dressed routine, a cleaning-up-after-breakfast routine,walking-to-and-from-school routine,a bath routine and some others. Alfie was eleven years old and all these routines had all been worked out by his dad, Stephen. Alfie had a stepmother, Jenny. Jenny was very good to him. Stasia was his babysitter. One day after school Alfie went home but Stasia wasn’t there. They called Mrs Stokes an old woman to take care of Alfie. She taught Alfie to do what he liked and not what others tell him to do.

My favourite part is when Mrs Stokes goes to the house of little Alfie.

I give this book 5 stars because I liked the plot of the book and the end.

I recommend this book to a friend because it was very interesting and it didn’t get me bored.

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