The best place that you can go for a holiday

The place that I want to go for a holiday is Nafplio, a town of Peloponnese. Nafplio is a very popular town because there is the prison of Kolokotronis. There are a lot of hotels that you can visit but some hotels are expensive.

In Nafplio you can do whatever you like it has many activities that you can do. Of course, you can go to the prison of Kolokotronis which is an exciting experience don’t miss it. Also, you can go to the castle of Nafplio there it has the statue of Kolokotronis and you can learn about the history of the castle. This castle is in the middle of the sea and you can go on a boat it’s a really cool experience. Nafplio has a train and it takes you around the town. This is the best activity that you can do there. Also, you can walk and explore many things. There it has many restaurants that you can eat and the food is delicious.

To visit this place is not very expensive and I promise that it is the best place that you should go whenever you get a chance.

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  • It sure is a great place to visit Chrysavgi..!!! 🥰❤️👏 👏

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