The best holiday

I went to a new school, no one would talk to me. All of them were staring at me like I was an alien. I felt really uncomfortable, but it was one girl that didn’t stare at me, that’s when I first met Cloe. She was the one and only that came to me and introduced herself. We became friends and we were playing every day during our school break. One day we decided to go to a cafe so that we could talk about ourselves so that we would know each other better.

She told me that she was from a small village near our town. It sounded great! For the 2 last years me and Cloe became best friends, I had gone and she had came to my house many times.

One year later near the summer Cloes parents invited us to come to their village for the week. We were having fun there, but when my entire holiday changed was when Cloe’s grandfather came to visit her family.

On the morning that her grandfather came Cloe asked him if I could take a ride at his donkey because I had never ridden a donkey before. He said yes and I didn’t refuse so I took a ride. I admit it was too fun.

This holiday was special for me because I spent it with my best friend. It was the best holiday of my life. I will never forget them.

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