The benefits of modern technology

Have you ever thought how our lives would be without social media? Nowadays there is a growing of digital communication. People have already started to be dependent on social media, digital communication, digital transactions and technological devices. In my opinion this opportunity is very useful and beneficial for the younger generation.

First of all the technology is increasing rapidly, so the younger people learning all the time new things about her. One of this things is the communication witch is a way that people can call or send messages to their relatives or friends too fast. In this way you can communicating with different persons to other countries in numerous ways. Also if someone need help or want to call the police for an emergency situation then he can call or send a message and the police can see it in one second.

Besides the messages the younger generation can increase her knowledge with new words and phrases that will be useable in the future. In a different point of view social media is a way of communication that many people posting articles or videos that they talking to their followers for the good behaviour or how they can handle their problems. For instance anxiety or anger or any other problems that they have.

On the other hand there are people that raise concerns and saying that the younger generation is dependent to modern technology. But the doctors, the airports, the police all the world use the modern technology for good. They using devises or tools that can help their to do better their job. However is impossible for the technology to replace the real relationships or the people.

To conclude the modern technology is not evil. We made her to develop our world and make it better. My personal opinion about this theme is to use the Internet and the smart devices that we have for a good reason to help people not to harm them. To help others with problems to feel better and let back all this things that fear. So with that way the Internet will be a place that all we can chatting with liberty and our personality will be better.

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