Tegeas Festival

In my home town there is a festival that takes place in the village Tegea. It is an annual festival that happens every August.

It is the most exciting part of the summer. It lasts one week from 13nth to 19th of August. We celebrate 15th of August in honor of

Holly Mary. Me and my family used to go every night, it is a tradition for us. There is no summer without this festival!

First we walk through the row of shops, we buy things that we like, we eat candy flos, roasted corn and ofcourse with my friends

we go to Luna Park and we have so much fun. Then the last stop is at the taverna where we all eat greek souvlaki and talking and

sharing  eachother all the new games or things that we saw this year. People from my town Tripoli love it and they go every day

and night. From all over Peloponnese came people for this festival. Every year it is so much croweded. It is a festival that takes place for 136

years. Only two times this festival got postponed in 1940, at second World War and 2020 with Covid 19!!

I enjoy so much being there with my friends and family, we have so many memories and I can’t wait till we go again!!


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