We can not ignore the fact that technology has an important role in our society and the 90% of our population know how to use it concerning on machines such as mobile phones,laptops,computers etc. Nevertheless people concern about the negative effects that technology can cause.
For instance,in our days the kids cannot go to the school because of covid-19 and must stay at home. This means that online lessons are a good solution not to lose their lessons but this way distates and allienates them from the communicate with their classmates and their teachers.
Technology not only assist teenagers but also is useful to the section of medical sciences. A lot of sciensists have discover robots which have the aptidude to do a dificult surgery something that a human cannot manage.
On the opposite side,a lot of people think that if technology had not evolved to a big extent,social media would not exist too. They believe that because social media hide plenty of dangers. A lot of parents used to allow their kids to have access on social networking from little age. Children do not know the danger so they chat and communicate with people that they do not know just ti make friends.
In my mind,technology can not replace workers instead can play an important role on their workplaces and can help them too. But if robots multiply and start working on a workplace that a human can do then a lot of problems will apear.

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