Teaching at home or at school

Homeschooling is something that is used in other countries around the world where students stay at home and get taught by their parents or a private tutor. This is something that may be enforced here in Greece. My opinion is that this will not be beneficial for students if some parents teach their children at home. There are many problems with this issue and this essay will discuss them.

Firstly, parents may not know all the lessons so good because of their education and this is not proper for children. For example, if a parent is a mathematics teacher and doesn’t know geography very well, the child will be good at mathematics and not very good at geography. This means that it is better to be at a school with many different teachers than at home with a parent who can’t teach all subjects.

Also, children may want to be with friends and peers at school and if he doesn’t attend he will lose his friends and fun moments at school. Overall, all these activities will be lost from his childhood. Therefore, he will be isolated and may in depression. Consequently,  parents may push him and argue with him. Resulting in anxiety which may make the student forget what he had learned with so much effort.

Lastly, staying at home will not allow the child to exercise. To illustrate this, if he stays at home for 6 hours only for the lessons of the day, he may be sitting in a chair for more than 6 hours and in the break, he can go to eat something. This means that he doesn’t walk inside the home and will eventually have health problems and might have more weight than before. Overall, this isn’t good for the person to be all day inside at home.

In conclusion, I believe that it is better for children to attend school than stay at home and get taught by their parents. For one thing, at school, there are more teachers for different subjects and also there are other students to hang out with and socialise. Hasn’t the quarantine showed us that kids need kids to be normal?

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