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YouTube is a video repository where you can upload a video. We can upload a video that is private, public, or shareable by a link. Also, we can edit the video. For example, we can add subtitles or creates some effects for the video. I can create my own channel where the others can watch and comment on my videos. I can watch and comment on the other videos too. We can watch films, video clips and we can listen to music. I love YouTube and I really like the inventor of YouTube. As well, YouTube is very useful and I like to use it.


Thomaskon87 is a channel of youtube which is controlled by my best friend Thomas. Thomas has brown hair and blue eyes and is a happy and clever person. In this channel, he plays Fortnite and slime rancher but sometimes he plays Minecraft too. I like the slime rancher a little more than the Fortnite and Minecraft. He has done a lot of live videos. It only has 76 subscribers and that’s why you need help. I have to tell you that you must follow him. I like the videos which he does and I would want him to continue making videos.

Disney fanGR

Disney fanGR is a channel from youtube which is controlled by a man named George. George presents movies of Disney. He has brown hair and black eyes and he is a very funny, happy and clever person. He has made a lot of funny videos but my favourite is the earlies video. For example COVID-19 and school. He cut scenes of movies from Disney, he pastes them together and becomes a funny video. He has 127k subscribers and I am one of his subscribers. Also, he has an account and on Instagram. I have to tell you that you must follow him. I love his video and I want to become friends with him.