Employees dissatisfied with jobs

Dear Editor

There are a lot of people who are dissatisfied with their jobs and they have chosen them only for the money.

I disagree with their choice and I believe that they must like their jobs (because they spend a big part of the day on them), to have skils and talent and they must have taken the degree. Also for this reason employment positions with good salaries must be created, so that everyone will be able to work at the job they want and the problem of unemployment will be solved.

In the end, everyone must choose his job, very carefully, because this is a very important decision for his life.

My day at work

I woke up at 7:00 it was Friday and I was very excited about that .So i drive to my work .I met one of my colleagues only to tell me to quit my job but I ignored him .So I went to my boss and started screaming .I asked him what happened and he told me that I forgot to note one important letter . l left the officer and I started thinking to quit my job. One of my colleagues heard me screaming and she told me that I had a heart of gold . I told him what happend and she told me that my boss couldn’t fire me because I was perfect . So I went to my employer and he told me that  I was a good – natured person he added to fill in this form . So I could be fired thy only thing he told me that sometimes I become narrow minded but he believes that I would change .

My first job

My first job was a provisional one and I worked at a cafeteria. I learnt to be nimble and I work really hard. At the beginning I did not want to go but I ventured to it because my parents fostered me. In this period of my life, my family had very serious economic problems so I started to work because I wanted to help. My first time as a working person made me more experienced and stronger. Now I am undimmed and I live my life with my family without any financial problems.



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