Dear Diary – #WILT

Today was great! We didn’t leand something new but prepear for the test next Tuesday. We did some exercises, miss broke us in rooms I was with Vivian and Biorbi ( the greatest team ever) and to some exercises. After miss broke us in different rooms but it’s okay. 😁😁👌

Dear Diary – #WILT

In this lesson we learnt the ‘have to-don’t have to’-. In Student’s book page 86 ex 2.In Workbook page 44 ex. 1,2,3,4,5,in page 45 ex. 1 and we play a game.



Dear Diary – #WILT

Dear Diary,

Today I learnt about means of transport and the past form of some irregular verbs. I liked learning about means of transport because these words are easy. I liked bike, train,bus and helicopter. I didn’t like the word interactive because I can’t understand it. I found it difficult learning the past  of some. verbs

Dear Diary – #WILT

Today it wea a beautiful day.We don’t had copy so we played a game.(IT WAS VERY EASYYYY).Then we go to Student Book and talk about holidays.Later miss asked us “where would we like to go for holidays(I SAID SPAIN).Then we  a listening and see a video, later miss break us out in rooms and do some exercises.IT WAS A BEAUTIGUL DAYYY!!!!!!

Dear Diary – #WILT

Dear Diary

Today I learnt new words and many other things. At the beginning of our lesson we talked about general things like how we are. After this with the vocabulary words that we had for homework we wrote a paragraph with four of them. We had to connect the four words that we chose to make a small story. We checked our homework exercises and then we did a listening. After this our miss put us in breakout rooms for 5 minutes to talk about a general theme that we wanted. It was very nice and interesting!!! At the end our miss told us the homework for the next lesson! This was a very interesting lesson !

Dear Diary – #WILT

Dear   diary,

Today   I    lernt   will

I  liked  play  the   game

There   is   nothing   I  diden’t   like

Dear deary

Today in the english lesson I did a dictation, read a text and I  did one exerise.Then I learnt the means of transpot.I liked this lesson.

What I learnt today

Today I learnt about the means of transport like the plane and the car. I learnt about the London transport museum too. I like learning new things because with learning new things I will be smarter and better than before.

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