Dear Diary – #WILT

Today in my class we did the dictation after we checked our homework and in the end we play among us and at 7 o’clock we finished the lesson.

Dear Diary – #WILT

To day in my lesson we checked our exercises and then we played a game. We descibed the pictures from starters book and we wrote them in vocabulary notebook.

Dear Diary – #WILT

Dear, diary last Tuesday I went to my school and my teacher missed my class we played the name, animals, and plants. After school, I went to my English class and we did the listening from Movers and we played among us with vocabulary and grammar.

Dear Diary – #WILT

Dear  Diary today I and my classmates write dictation.After  we check exercices, we learned the Reported Questions and the Reported commands.We doing three exercices about that.In the end we going to the flyers book and we leave.

with miss Christine

Dear Diary – #WILT

Dear    Diary

Today   I  leart    Past    simple

I   liked    lay  the   game

I      biben’t    like       the      exercisc    5

KEDU English School