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My first day on Minecraft

Hey guys! Hope you are all relaxing during the Easter break! I have wanted to play Minecraft for many years and never found the time to.  Recently, I have joined a team of teachers who use Minecraft in their lessons to teach English! I have learnt a lot from them and will continue to learn more.

I will be vlogging what I do so I have a record of what I am learning and here’s my first quick vlog:

Who else plays Minecraft? If you play Minecraft please comment on this blog post below!

My video game



My video game call Disney video game has got  four (4) skins :the mini mouse , the skroutz mack  duck   ,the fegaro , and  daisy  duck . Victory who reach first and win 5000 million gems , lose who  reach last  and lost 100 gems . The video game is it with race cars and play it in ps4 ,ps5 and  you can play it with  six (6) players.

Mission: My video game

My favourite video game is “Football UCL”. It is a sports game. The main character is Lionel Messi, who gives advices to the players what to do.                                                                                                                                                                                                       Firstly, you choose your coach and then, the players of the team. You have your own team, not one of the others. The first game is after the player finishes all the basic trials. Then, he can join the Champions League magic. Firstly, he chooses in which group he wants to be and then, he plays in that one. If he’s in the first two places, he will be in the round of 16. If he’s third, he will be in the round of 32 in the UEL. And if he’s in the last two places, the journey to the trophy is over. If you win the trophy, you can get to your team the best 11 players.
You can play it individually or as a member of a team.

My video game

My favourite video game name΄s is Harry Potter. This is problem-solving video game. The main characters are Olivia Ketty and her friends. In the game you must solve tasks , you play with friends and you have got fight with other gamers. You can΄t play the game with other people.

The car driver race

The car driver race is a video game.Is played with 2-10 players.

In the speedway there are lucky blocks that helps  for drivers win finish first but  there are unlucky blocks that  make difficult for drivers.

Purpose of the game  is to finish first.

“My video game”

My favourite video game is called “Plants and zombies”… The main characters are the plants that are protecting the house from zombies.. It is a strategy and action game because you have to win the zombies.Every time you win you get new character plants to play. There are levels and you can also play with your friends

Space junk

This game called  ” Space junk”, because you are responsible to safe the Earth and genetically the atmosphere from the rubbish, which we throw away. But, there is something that doesn’t seems in the title. This thing is very interesting, because you can learn about the space with the other planets, the job of astronauts and the problems that we create in the atmosphere. At this game you have to find the problems on the planets and the atmosphere and also  think a solve for these. When you are click at the problem, the game show you how that create and the future if we continue that. For more fan, you could play that with your friend and learn who find better solves. Play this, you can learn fast with fan.

Brawl PvP

Hi, I am Hermes.My video game’s name is <<Brawl PvP>>.This game is for 2-4 players.In this game there are 4 characters (Ninja,Witch,Barbarian and Archer).Each character has his own weapon, for e.g. Ninja has a katana,Witch  has a magic wand, Barbarian has tow big swords and Archer has a bow.The aim on this game is to get your enemies out of the battlefield.You have three lifes.If  you die three times you lose the battle.


My video game’s name is Potter World. This game you can play on a computer or with your phone and has got so fun. In the potter world, you must dress your character also in this game you have got your own house but you can change furniture. On 1st September you must to go in Hogwarts express for Hogwarts school. In Hogwarts, the game tells you in which lesson you will go. In Potter world, you can find your friends for you can play together. In this game, you make your own account but you should put a good password for others who don’t hack you.

“Mission: My video game”

The game is called “BEST SURFERS “. It is an active game. You can’t play it with other people. When you press start the main character try not to get caught from the policeman and his small dog. You can get powers that helps you get points and coins. With coins you can unlock more characters than the first character, Lucy. Lucy  is the first character that you have when you start your game. You can also unlock other outfits with collecting keys. “Best surfers” is an excellent game to spend your time happily.

My Video game

My video game called The WandaVision experience and you have to use Wanda or Vision from Marvel Anengers for win the God of Death byt first you have to kill of of his allies evrywhere the goes. Also in the half of the game the meet D. Strange and he help them went to the final boss that he will die there.

You will play it on PS4/5 and on PC, byt it will comes on XBOX at the summer. For play it with friends you should have on PS4/5 a PS Plus but on PC you will play for free with friends also you have to use XBOX plus for play with friends.

Would you like this game and want to play it.Thanks  for read that.

My favourite video game

My favourite video game is “Among us”. “Among us “is playing with one impostor  ( bad austronut killer) and nine Croumates (good austronuts ). Impostor always kill and say lies to the Croumates. Croumates must do  tasks, and then they  win the Impostor.



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