video games

My favourite video game

My favourite video game is “Among us”. “Among us “is playing with one impostor  ( bad austronut killer) and nine Croumates (good austronuts ). Impostor always kill and say lies to the Croumates. Croumates must do  tasks, and then they  win the Impostor.

My favourite electronic game!📱

My favourite electronic game is the Dancing road! In this game you will do match the colour ball with another ball witch has the same colour as it! When you play this game a song is heard! I like this game because I like the songs it has! I love this game!

Anna M.


One of my favourite mobile games which I play every day in the last two months is “Mobile Legends”. This is a very famous online game. In this game, you can play with your friends or alone. The main goal of this game is to defeat all enemies turrets if your team destroy and the last one you win. After the fight, the game gives in the players one award. You can play a lot of mods but my favourite is Ranked because if you win a lot of times you take better and better prize. The prizes are “Warrior, Elite, Master, Grandmaster, Epic, Legend, Mythic”. Another thing that I like about this game, is the store. In the store, you can buy a lot of Heroes with battle points or diamonds. Personal my favourite character called Vale is a mage of wind and I have a high win rate with him. Also, you can buy skins for your favourite Hero. This is the Mobile Legends you should download it because is a great game to spend your free time.

My super cool xbox!

One day, our dad bought us a console. My sister and I loved it. We do gymnastics, we play Forza horizon, we watch movies on Netflix or on youtube. My console is xbox360. It has a camera to see us when we do gymnastics. Also, it has a remote control. The Xbox 360 has characters that you can dress up or change the colour of their eyes and hair. Μy sister and I have done for all my family. I am glad that we have a console to play or to watch movies and I don’t want to buy a new console.

Video game

I like many games such as frag pro shooter. Frag pro shooter has, many players and every player has a especially power.In this game you have your team and you can make a name of your team. To win a player you have open many chests, you can have a chest from the matches win. There are many clubs to join in the game. When the game started you must protect two basses and one tower.

My behaviour!

Hi John,
I’m very sorry for my bad behaviour last Sunday. I was very angry. I know it isn’t very easy for you to understand because you’re a very good guy and you difficultly make mistakes but you sometimes make mistakes. Every person on the planet have made mistakes before. I would like to apologize to you about my behaviour that afternoon when you phoned me: it was midday and I was playing a video game but the bad of the story was that I played more time than the usual time and my parents were very angry. I know that we can play video games but with a particular program but that day I wanted to finish the last round of the day. I know that I behave a bit bad but I’m trying to change my behaviour. Every day I’m becoming better and better and I think in the end I’ll manage to win the bad behaviour. I apologize a thousand times.
I would appreciate your answer,

My favourite video game

My favourite video game is Lego races 1. I play it at the weekends with the controller of the play station 2 and 3. Lego races is an action/adventure game and the game is about races and you pick a car and have the race with all the cars of the game. If you win you will advance a level. You can throw a bump and go faster when you get a lego green or red. You can do ‘cruifault’ race-time race and built race. I like it because lego races is my favourite game.

God Of War

Hi bloggers. My name is Pashalis and I gonna say for one game and is like a real story. The name of the game is God Of War. On the God Of War, the character is one and his name is Kratos. Kratos is the son of the Zeus. Kratos has from Sparti and when goes to sparti he calls Ghost Of Sparta. Kratos is one child and his father wants to kill him and the Kratos wants to take revenge from the Zeus. Kratos has killed all of them like Poseidon, Hercules and others. At the and he completes what he wants and kills his father Zeus and the Athina was dead from Kratos due to Zeus and has taken revenge and after that Kratos was committed suicide.

Pashalis d.


Hello, guys! My name is Jim and I tell you about Minecraft. One of my favourites games is Minecraft. In this game, I can build everything I want. I like to play Minecraft with my sisters or my friend, Thomas. You can play Survival or Creative. On Survival must survive for zombies, skeletons and other monsters but on Creative you have all the blocks in Minecraft. Minecraft consists of boxes, in addition to food and some other special things. With blocks, you build everything you want. You should download this game because is very interesting and unique.

Jim N.

One of my favourite games

One of my favourite games is the Dragon crystal-arena online. It is a 2D online game. In this game, you can defeat your enemies throwing energy blasts.You can buy a lot of players with diamonds, mission, real money. You can buy players for mission when kill other players and the players with real money is the best in the game because has names for your tubers.But I like this game because you can upgrade your player’s power, defence, energy, fast, blast power and can buy ability for your player. My favourites abilities are the kaioken who give in your player 40% much power and the best is the infinitive energy for some time.

Apostolis M.

My favourite video game

My favourite video game is fortnite battle royale. This game has a lobby you have to select a game mode solo, duos, squads and other game modes. When you go to the game you are in a bus with a hundred people and you land in the world. Then you have to find weapons and healings to kill other people. When you are the most people in the match you get the victory royale. After you finish the match you return to the lobby. The game has a battle pass and item shop the battle pass has skins, backpacks, wraps for weapons, pickaxes, gliders and emotes. The item shop has the same things to buy but a battle pass does 950 v-bucks to buy or 2.800 v-bucks to buy 25 tiers.The item shop has different things with 100,200,300,400,500,700,800,1000,1200,1500 and 2000 v-bucks.

John L.

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