Technology in the workplace

Dear Sir/Madam
After reading your article about technological skills at workplace, I would like to tell you about my personal opinion on that subject and how technology has an impact in the workplace.
Personally, I do not have a lot of experience with technology, but I do know the basics. Although I do not have a lot of high tech experience, I can not imagine living a day without any technology, because I spend most of my free time interacting with my friends through texting or watching videos. Why is technology so important though?
Technology has become a huge part of our lives. Most of the devices and machines that are used nowadays include technology. That being the case technology is required and needed in our everyday lives.
Also bussinesses these days show great reliability on technology, And that is because bussinesses that use more high-tech devices have shown a major growth unlike bussinesses that use out of date technology or no technology at all. Costumers choose these types of bussinesses because it is easier to find we are looking for and also the purchase is way easier.
In cunclusion, in the conteporary era, a workplace requires high-tech devices and to find a job we need to have experience on using technology.

Addicted to technology

Nowadays more and more people are overusing the internet and their mobile phones. It is believed that they could have a problem with using these devices. They spend many hours playing with different electronic devices. But what are the problems of all these situations? What can people do to help themselves? In this text, we will explain the problems of technology addiction and we will try to find a solution to all these.

The addiction to technology can lead to various problems. Firstly, the young spend many hours on the mobile phone, they speak with other teenagers or play games. Also if you see around you could find a lot of people who are addicted to video games. For example, young students prefer to spend their free time playing games on the computer rather than read a book or go out near nature. All in all, technology is a good way to spend a lot of time in front of a screen like your phone or your computer screen.

There are a number of steps that we can make to move away from electronic devices. First of all, it is important to make a program for your free-time activities, that means if you finish with anything that you have to do it is better to go out for a walk rather than stay at your house and play video games. Moreover, you could ask for support from your friends. This means before you take your mobile phone and open all the apps of social media you can call a friend. In general, there many different activities that you can do and help yourself not to become addicted to technology.

To sum up, electronic devices and in general new technology are helpful for our lives. But it is more important to find a balance between how many hours you will use electronic devices and also in what way.

Technology’s negative effect on teenagers and generally people

Can someone just imagine what life would be without the technological facilities that have been offered to us by engineers? Even though all we have to do is look in the past, the youth of the 21st century don’t seem to be able to.
For one thing, the new generation, that grew up in the development of technology, is known as the “electronic age babies”. It has come to my attention that most parents seem to allow their children to spend a minor amount of time watching television from a very young age. Therefore, the children internalize the habit of entertaining themselves with technology. Moreover, it is evident that teenagers communicate with each other bias the internet. However, it is clear that vocal communication has faded, while conversation is mainly in text messages. As a result, the art of real face-to-face communication is almost forgotten, due to the deficiency of its practice. Even when they are together their heads are still lowered facing that small box, called cell phone.
Furthermore, we live in a world of troubled youths. In other words, the use of the internet by adolescents might have a negative impact on their physical or mental health. A typical example is social influences, such as models; actors; public figures; bloggers and their effect on teens in various cases. All these people, who seem to do a lot of activities during the day; stay fit and have a perfect body; go on vacation and at the same time have a personal life and be good at almost everything, illustrate an image of perfection in an almost clueless adolescent’s mind, desperate to be something close to that “perfection”, filling them with anxiety. Owing to the fact that school, homework, extracurricular activities or lessons etc. are already stressing teens out, more stress caused by unnecessary deeds makes them feel even more pressured. This leads to anxiety, stress or even depression in severe cases.
That being said, the current pandemic decease, known as COVID-19 or the coronavirus, has got us cooped up in our houses. Technology now is needed more than ever, so we can stay in touch with our relatives, friends, teachers and colleagues. On the one hand, this is partly true, but on the other, this situation has got us longing for some real communication outside quarantine. In this way, not only the internet remains the main form of entertainment, but also people are becoming “addicted” to it to a greater extent.
Taking everything into account, technology does benefit communication, but people do not use it in order to do just that, while teens are constantly on it. Parents should also consider the time they allow their children to spend on any type of technology and introduce them to other forms of amusement. Besides, there’s a much bigger world beyond the screen.



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