My favoriti childrensewar deing TOM AND JERRY .I saw vary small  it can  to be better clildrenswear may to some not to like dose not matter.I like it because he s got  it was fan has different faces e.g  dog and various other.I  was passin   imagined  but which dose not show it

My favourite supehero is Water Woman

I love you, water Woman. She is not just intelligent, but pretty. Leare war and a beautiful. She wears a bodysuit. The full body she is wearing red blue and star. I don’t her name. She’s my favourite superheroine. I have to say this because she is a superheroine.                                                                                                       I LOVE YOU MY SUPERHEROINE!

My favourite superhero

My favourite superhero is Superman

because he’s very strong and kind.

But I don’t like this hair. His outfit is blue, red and yellow.

Superman has got a dog Krypto the super dog. He can fly very fast

and lift heavy objects. He’s a  great Superman.

My favourite superhero

My favourite superhero is superman. He is from planet Krypton. His home on earth is in Smallville in the USA and his name is Clark. His parents are Jonathan and Martha Kent. His best friend is Lois Lane. He is so kind and brave he has cool superpowers too.


The Flash, a great superhero!

The Flash is a superhero from Missouri, USA. His real name is Barry Allen. He has got a red outfit with a lightning on his chest. He is married and his wife’s name is Iris West. He has got a nephew. His name is Wally West. The Flash is tall and strong. He’s very clever and fast too. He runs faster than the speed of light. He’s a great hero!!

Sandy the spy

Sandy wears a blue outfit. She is tall, thin, smart and fast. Her real name is unknown. Her duty is to uncover the secrets and catch all the criminals of the world. She is a great spy!!!


One of my favourite characters is Thor. Thor is a superhero marvel character, who has filmed three movies. I have seen all of the movies but my favourite is part three “Thor Ragnarok”.In this movie, the evil sister of Thor comes back to take revenge for her father king Odin, because he had exiled her. Thor has a brother called Lockie. His mother died in the second movie because of the Dark elves. Thor is one of my favourite characters because is very strong, he has a supernatural hammer. He can throw thunders. He is a very cool character. But the best thing in Thor, I think is the actor who plays in the role, because he is handsome, with an athletic body, like a god:)I like when Thor fights in Avenger’s movies with other superheroes and I’m waiting for Thor’s fourth movie.

My super cat!

Last morning, an amazing thing happened. Yesterday, I played with my cat. Suddenly, we saw a beautiful butterfly which had climbed in my cat’s nose. This butterfly had a lot of amazing colours. She kissed my cat on her nose and the next day my cat became a superhero. I told my mom, but she didn’t believe me. In a few minutes, I went to my cat and I saw her flying. I took her down and made her a suit to wouldn’t recognize it. My mom watched the super cat on TV and wondered which cat it was. I told my mom that this cat is our cat and she believes me this time. Now, my family and I are glad for our super cat.

Harry Potter!

Hello! My name is Jim and I’ll tell you about Harry Potter. Harry Potter is an intelligent and brave boy but he lost his mother and he is orphan. Harry Potter is a tall boy who always is wearing his round glass and a dark red and yellow tie. He has done 7 films. Their names are Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I like Harry Potter because he is an intelligent and brave boy!

Jim N.

My favourite character

My favourite character is Millie Boby Brown. Millie Boby Brown born in Spain on 19 February 2004 now she is 16 years old. Her nationality is British. She lived with her three sisters and her parents in London. Her hobbies are: actor, model and producer. She is tall with short brown hair and her eyes are brown too. She has pits on her chicks and she is very pretty. She plays a film named “Stranger things” In this film her name was Eleven. Eleven was very mysterious until she made new friends. Her friends wanted to found their lost friend so Eleven helped her friends to found the lost kid. She has superpowers and she used the superpowers when they wanted help.

Helen P.

KEDU English School