My dialy routine in the summer

Hi! I’m Maritina I want to talk about my daily routine in the summer.

I wake up at 7:00 o’clock. After that I eat breakfast. Next I brush my teeth Afterwords I do maths with my mum.

Next I play with my phone. At noon I eat lunch.

After that sometimes I read a book, sometimes I like listening to music, I watch online videos, I play with my phone and I go to the beache.

How I spend my summer holidays!

Summer is coming to an end. I loved this summer, it was my favorite. It all started with the new friends I met. We rode our bikes, went out at night and we played football, basketball, and volleyball. I always won. Also, we talked about the new school year with the coronavirus. From 23rd July until 4th August, my family and I went to visit my grandmother in Kastoria. My grandmother was so happy when she saw us. I was lucky and saw my cousins too. The days went by so quickly and we had to leave which made me so sad. This summer was my favorite of all and I will never forget it.


My holiday

Hello, Marietta, I’m Mirsini from Lesvos. I want to tell you that I went on holiday to Eresos. I stayed there for 5 days and I had a very good time there. I did swimming and the sea was very nice. I saw many interesting things and I picked up beautiful shells. I would like you to come here and see all those great things too.

Kisses from Greece

Mirsini M.

What I did yesterday

Yesterday, I woke up early in the morning and ate breakfast. Then I did an exercise for ten minutes and studied English. When I finished my work, I wore my swimsuit and went to the beach. The water was clear and calm. I enjoyed swimming! Before lunchtime, my cousin and I prepared omelette for lunch. In the afternoon, we went to the church and in the evening we went out for dinner. I played with my cousins and friends in the streets of my village. It was a wonderful day!!!!!



Summer is the hottest of the four seasons, falling after spring and before autumn. People generally take advantage of the high temperatures by spending more time outdoors during summer.  This season schools and universities usually have a summer break. In almost all countries, children are out of school during this period for summer vacations, although the dates vary. We must use this pleasant break for relaxing and gathering energy for the new school year. And when I say relaxing, I mean to spend a creative summer full of activities and not staying home and playing electronic games. In this way we ensure a wonderful summer!!

A Summer Trip to Vatera

Last weekend I went to Vatera with my dad, my grandma, my cousin👧 and my aunt.
When we arrived at our country house, we planted some rosebushes🌹 and we watered the trees🌳 . 
After that we went to the beach. The sea was calm and very warm. 
We swam and we played on the beach🤿.We ate in a tavern🥩🍨 and then we returned home. 
It was a fantastic day🙂!!!

My Favourite Summer Fruit 🍉

My favourite summer fruit is Watermelon 🍉. It is green on the outside and red inside with little black seeds. Its shape is round and sometimes it is very big. It contains a large amount of water. Also, it is rich in vitamin C. I eat it when I am very thirsty. Ι love watermelon because it is cool and delicious!!🍉

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