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Summer is the hottest of the four seasons, falling after spring and before autumn. People generally take advantage of the high temperatures by spending more time outdoors during summer.  This season schools and universities usually have a summer break. In almost all countries, children are out of school during this period for summer vacations, although the dates vary. We must use this pleasant break for relaxing and gathering energy for the new school year. And when I say relaxing, I mean to spend a creative summer full of activities and not staying home and playing electronic games. In this way we ensure a wonderful summer!!

A Summer Trip to Vatera

Last weekend I went to Vatera with my dad, my grandma, my cousin👧 and my aunt.
When we arrived at our country house, we planted some rosebushes🌹 and we watered the trees🌳 . 
After that we went to the beach. The sea was calm and very warm. 
We swam and we played on the beach🤿.We ate in a tavern🥩🍨 and then we returned home. 
It was a fantastic day🙂!!!

My Favourite Summer Fruit 🍉

My favourite summer fruit is Watermelon 🍉. It is green on the outside and red inside with little black seeds. Its shape is round and sometimes it is very big. It contains a large amount of water. Also, it is rich in vitamin C. I eat it when I am very thirsty. Ι love watermelon because it is cool and delicious!!🍉

What I do this summer!

This summer I do a lot of things. First of all, I wake up, I brush my teeth, I’m wearing and then I watch TV. At half-past eight I play the guitar and at 10 o’clock I have breakfast. Then I go to my backyard to play football and other games. After that, I watch TV again and at half-past one I eat my lunch. Then I watch TV until my parents come back. After they eat their lunch, they start to do housework. Finally, we eat dinner, we relax and we go to sleep.

Summer in Mytilene

The sun is hot. The sea is like oil. People wear sunglasses and hats to protect their bodies. You can see the castle across the beach and the beautiful blue sea. Also, you can see the boats fish on the sea. The people doing sunbathing. The seagulls fly in the blue sky. The kids are playing with the rocks. We do a lot of sports on the beach. For example volley, rackets, swimming, sailing and others… The Fishermen are going to fish. I love my summer holidays in Mytilene because it doesn’t have a lot of noise and You can taste great food.

My favourite things to do in the summer!

I can’t wait for the summer to come! I have already gone for swimming two times but I’m excited to go swimming in the sea again! I live near the sea so it’s easy to go by bike. I would like to go on a trip somewhere in Greece but I can’t because of the COVID-19. I wish to eat many ice-creams too, cause they are delicious! I like to go for walks with my friends and spend time with my family. I want to watch thriller movies and listen to music. I want to play Minecraft because I like spending time playing it. I have a lot of books in my library that I haven’t read yet and I want to read them in the summer. I like to cook sweets and cakes too and I’m going to try making my own ice-cream.