A false parcel was deliverd

One day I ordered the books of Harry Poter. They were my present for Christmas, and I was looking forward to the books.

The next week the delivery man brought me a small blue parcel. I opened the parcel and I saw a small toy car! I was very sad because it wasn’t my present.

I closed the parcel and I phoned the delivery man.

Finally, my parcel was delivered to me the next day, and I was very happy because I had the Harry Potter books.



A story with a scrarf

Two children, Anna and Bill, are at the beach and they are playing with their dog. They are having fun and they are happy.

The dog runs and finds a scarf.

Anna- What is this?

Bill- It is a purple scarf.

Anna- Whose is the scarf?

Bill- I don’t know.

Anna and Bill hear a girl crying.

Bill- Someone is crying.

Anna- let’s talk to her.

The children go to the girl and ask her why she is crying.

Anna- Why are you crying?

Jenny- Because I lost my scarf.

Bill- What colour is it?

Jenny- It is purple.

Anna- Here are you are!

Jenny- Thank you!

Bill- You are welcome!

Jenny is happy because she found her scarf and the children became friends.


The wrong suitcase

Tom got off the train and as the train left, he realized he was holding the wrong suitcase. Shocked, he shouted to the driver to stop the train but it was too late. The train had left from the dock. So he was waiting for the next train.

When Tom arrived at his destination sadly he took the road to his home. While he was walking, he was curious to see what had the suitcase inside. He sat down on a bench, he opened it and what he saw there? The suitcase was full of syringes and some tools that looked like knives.

Terrified, he tried to call the police but when he opened his phone, another number was calling him. Then he noticed that the number on the phone was the same as the number on the suitcase’s tag. He didn’t know what he had to do.

Then he decided to pick up the phone. The man explained to him that the suitcase was his and that he was a surgeon so all the items in the suitcase were tools for his job. Relieved, he told him that he was in the park and that he could come to change their suitcase.

LMWM Challenge: An unexpected visit

It was a usual day when I dressed up and I have my breakfast. Then I took my personal bag and I opened the door to leave for my work. But when I opened the door. What I saw ?? A little woman that was holding a suitcase and waited me to go out for saw her. I asked her  …“Who are you ???”, “ What are you doing here ??” and “What do you want from me ??”. She didn’t talk. Then he asked me to get in and I said “Of course”. After I arranged her and I bring her something to drink. She started to answer in my questions. She told me that she was me from the future and that she got into a time machine to come to the past and reverse something bad that would happen and it will accompany me the rest of my life. Then I asked her What it will be happen, but she couldn’t tell me. With a clap, she disappear and I was found in my bed. I wondered It was s dream? Indeed? Or maybe the dream tried to warn me for something that will be happen today. I didn’t know but I tried to be careful. I didn’t expect this visit neither in my dreams. It was an unexpected visit !!!

a scary story

last week i went with some friends to an abandoned house. which was very scary by appearance.We entered the house they started and the floors were shaking we were very scared but we did not put it down.We had arrived at 6:30 we sat there for two hours to explore the place But when it got dark we entered a room we saw something and we were scared because it was night and we could not see well and we put it on our feet we left the house and never came back.


It was a hot and sunny summer’s day as Emma and her family sailed out of the harbour. It was a beautiful afternoon the sea was calm when suddenly appeared a big dark cloud. They realised that a big storm was about to start.

In just a few minutes the storm started. The wind and the rain made the sea go crazy! Big waves started hitting the boat so hard, they were trying to hold on do they wouldn’t fall off the boat. Unfortunately, her dad lost his balance and fell into the sea and was batting to stay afloat. Emma dived in the water to save her dad.

Then they sailed back in the harbour safe and happy that their adventure was over. Emma was so proud and happy that she saved her own dad!

Emma’s adnenture!!

It was a hot and sunny summer’s day as Emma and her family sailed out of the harbour. It was early afternoon and it was hot but there was a light breeze. They were excited and really for their voyage. The sea was calm and everying seemed perfect. As they were sailing suddenly the weather changed and it started raining and a strong wind started blowing.

Emma and her family were very scared. The boat began to rock and Emma’s brother hit his leg. He couldn’t walk but they couldn’t go back because they were for from the harbour . Fortunately, the sea started to calm down and slowly the rain stopped and soon the sun was out again.

They even saw an amazing rainbow and this was just what they needed to feel relieved  and safe. The captain turned the boat and they  headed back to the harbour to take Emma’s brother to hospital. He was in pain but Emma and her family tried to cheer him up.

They even saw some dolphins and Emma’s brother completely forgot his pain and enjoyed the moment. It was an unforgot able experience!!!

The lost camera

Ken looked in his backpack to find his camera, but it wasn’t there. It was early in the afternoon and he had arrived in France that morning and he wanted to take some photos of the Eiffer Tower. Realising that his camera was missing, he began to panic.

Ken searched in his backpack frantically. Certainly, he had had it that morning when he took some photos at Disneyland. Maybe he had lost it when he was at that cosy café near the Seine River. Ken ran downhill to the café but there was no sign of his camera.

Suddenly, he remembered that he had taken some photos of some street ice cream makers in the square and after he had eaten an ice cream. He ran on down to the square and towards the street ice cream makers. At that moment ,the ice cream seller help up his camera.

“You forgot to take it with you”, he said with a pleasant smile. Ken couldn’t believe his luck. He felt truly grateful to the man. He was so glad that he had found his camera.







My story


I was walking on the beautiful Paris roads and my best friend Korine lost her phone!

I tried to call her to find it easier but it wasn’t in her backpack, we went back to the hotel to find it but it wasn’t there. Korine started to panic because she remembered that maybe she forgot it in one of the shops we went to before.

Then we started running to the shops and asking if they had seen the phone, but it wasn’t there. Korine was all red because she was anxious.

Bu5 when we returned to the hotel, I found the phone, it was in my pocket. I take it when she didn’t have more space for it in her backpack. Korine was ready to kill me but she forgives me. Now we telling the story and laughing.



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