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My favourite sport

My favourite sport is cycling because it’s very healthy and good for my body. My bike is pink and very big. I go cycling with my dad, he likes cycling too. There are three items of cycling: family cycling, mountain cycling and racing cycling. I enjoy this sport and I will do it for the rest of my Life 😊

My favouite sport!

I’m fond of many different sports, but my favourite one is running. Every day my friends and I do races at school and I always win. When I run I forget everything. Running has got only one rule: you must respect the others. I love it because I have learned many things. I meet new people so I make new friends. And one thing’s for sure if you try you can succeed in every goal. Everything in our lives seems to be like a race. My dream is to run in other countries’ races but my parents want me to finish my studies first. When that happens…there will be nothing to stop me.

My favourite kind of exercise!

My favourite kind of exercise is walking and I love it too. I go walking every day. I usually walk with my brother but I sometimes walk with my friends. When I have free time I walk for many hours. My record for walking is 10 hours. My friends think that walking is a boring exercise but I think exactly the opposite. When you walk with your family or your friends you can talk with them. When you walk alone you can listen to music from your MP3 player. And one thing’s for sure: walking isn’t a tiring kind of exercise.

The importance of physical education in school.

Many people recognize the importance of physical education and sports in school. On the other hand, other people believe it is a waste of time that they could spend on academic subjects.

Physical education is a lesson that we do about two times a week and it is a kind of lesson to relax while doing a significant sport that you may or may not like doing. It is a lesson that is fun to do and is like a break. You learn about a sport and for some lessons, you practise it. You learn about the rules of the sport and the teacher learns you some starting moves. Also, it is really good for people who don’t have time for after school activities but like sports.

On the other side, some people think it is a waste of time because they could do another lesson that is more important for them. Other people think it is boring because they don’t like the sport or they don’t like physical education at all.

My personal opinion is that physical education should be in school cause it is fun and a time of relaxation for most students and it only happens once or twice a week.


Football is the national sport in Greece. You can play football in the field. The rules of football are:

1the game last 90 minutes and it has and there 45 minutes in half time.

2 Every team has eighteen players, eleven players are in-game and seven alternates.

3 The goalkeeper can though ball with his hands in a small area.

The equipment of football is: T-shirts, shorts and shocks of the football team, football shoes and acorns. Football is the national sport in Greece because in 2004 won the Greek football team in UEFA European Football Championship.

The national sport in my country

The national sport in my country is volleyball. Volleyball played on a court with a net and balls. I play volleyball too. Volleyball is played with six players on the volleyball court. Volleyball has and rules. The first rule is pastor. I play pastor. Pastor is a difficult rule because you must have the power to push the ball to the other player. Volleyball has three in front of the net and has three behind. The three that are in front of the court are offensive players and the three players that are behind in the net are defence players. Volleyball is a very exciting sport because is a team sport.

Chrisavgi Τ.


In Greece, we play lots of sports but the national sport is football. Football is a team sport, football is played in a field or a pitch and for this sport, we need a ball, two teams and two nets. The rules for this sport are very simple. You only can use your legs, you mustn’t touch the ball with your hands and you mustn’t kick your oppoment. The aim is to kick the ball and score a goal. The word football means hit the ball with your feet. A team contains 11 players. Football is now the most popular sport in the world.

Christine K.

A National Sport in Greece – Football

There are many sports in Greece like basketball and water polo but the most popular is football. Football is a team sport that you can play in a pitch, also known as a football pitch. The laws of the game set out the basic equipment which must all players have: a shirt, shorts, socks, footwear and shin pads. Goalkeepers must wear thracksuit bottoms and not only shorts like the other players. There are many football rules like players mustn’t hit the other team players because if they do it they take a penalty but generally all players must respect the other. Football is popular because we meet other people so we make new friends, we learn new things, we learn how to respect the rules and more. Generally, all people must understand that all the sports are very good for our health and that all of us must exercise often.

Panagiotis V.


Hi! My name is Jim. The most popular sport in Greece is football. There are 2 teams. Every team has 11 players. The aim of the game is to kick the ball and try to score a goal in the opponent’s net. If one player hits another player or touches the ball by using his hands it’s a foul. The duration of a football match is 90 minutes. The passion that every fan has towards the sport is something that keeps their enthusiasm alive. Football is full of action and thrilling moments. I love football because it made me feel happy every day!

Jim N.