“It is good that professional sports are so commercial, nowadays?”

Sport nowadays is very popular and very entertaining because of the following reasons in this essay. I believe that professional sports are a bit too commercial and need to be changed.

Sports are commercial because they have a lot of advertisements from sponsors and some products and a lot of famous footballers and basketball players, mainly, have too high salaries. Also, there are some too fanatical fans, which are called hooligans that make troubles in the stadiums such as breaking objects, cause brawls between the fans of two teams and others.

However, sports are entertaining, even today, but there are some problems. For these reasons, there must not be hooligans and the salaries must not be higher than it needs to be. Also, there must not be corruptions of trainers, referees and players.

Apart from these problems, professional sports are good and these problems can be solved and overcome.


Bicycle is a good way to travel, economical and
ecological respectful of the environment. Cycling offers good
physical condition and health. The history of cycling is long. Not
there is no specific inventor of the bicycle, nor a specific one
date of its invention. Perhaps one of his ancestors is
construction of ‘draisienne’ by Carl von Dries in 1817 which of course he does not have
nothing to do with the shape of the bike as we know it today. The
basic parts of the bike are the frame, the handlebars, the chain and the

Rhythmic gymnastics!

Topic: A sports event

Hi Mike!

How are you? I am very happy because my school organised a special sports event last weekend. It took place in our schoolyard. All students took part in it and at the end, the winners got gold, silver and bronze medal. There was a running race, a football match, a basketball and a tennis game as well as rhythmic gymnastics. I took part in the last one and I won the bronze medal! I was so happy and proud! All the children were great! After the event, there was food and refreshments for everyone. I had a wonderful time! Did you have something similar in your school?

Write back,


My favourite sport

My  favourite  sport  is  basketball.  There  are five  player  in  a   basketball  team.We  can  play  basket  ball  with  a  speciall  ball  and  basket.  I  can  play   basketball  really  well.

My Favourite Sport

My favourite sport is Tae kwon do. It means ”the art of arm and leg”. It is Korean martial art. There are six belts in Tae kwon do: white, yellow, green, blue, red and black. I have got a half blue belt.

In Tae kwon do, the matches are played from two athletes. There are also poomsae games.

I can play Tae kwon do well. I love kicking and poomsae.


Basketball is a sport which is very popular. To play basketball you need basketball court. In every team, the players are 10,20 in total. Need to play basketball: Ball, two baskets, a court, special clothes, and special shoes. Aim of the game is, to score baskets. The team which has a ball tries to put the ball in the basket. Whichever team puts the ball more often wins the match. My favourite player is John Adetokoubo and I never miss watching his play. I have been playing basketball for a year. I play every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday with my friends.

The sport I do


My favourite sport is called kung-fu. I have a special uniform and a belt. There are 7 different zones, the white, the yellow, the orange, the green, the blue, the red and the black zone. I like this sport because it requires discipline and self-concentration. I went for four years and I like it.

My favourite sport

Hi! I’m Maritina

I want to tell you about my favourite sport, aerial yoga. I do aerial yoga inside a gym. The gym is opposite my dad’s school.

We haven’t got a team.  I do aerial yoga alone. We need special ropes to do aerial yoga. We don’t need other equipment.

The aim is to do difficult exercises with the ropes.

I love my sport because it’s amazing and exciting.



My favourite sport

football soccer

My favourite sport is football because I like playing football with my friends.

Football has 12players and the equipment is a ball.  They wear the same T-Shirt and sorts, long socks and special trainers. They must try to kick the ball in the goal. I really love football, It makes me happy.

My favourite sport

My favourite sport is cycling because it’s very healthy and good for my body. My bike is pink and very big. I go cycling with my dad, he likes cycling too. There are three items of cycling: family cycling, mountain cycling and racing cycling. I enjoy this sport and I will do it for the rest of my Life 😊



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