My favourite season!

My favourite season is spring. The flowers bloom and the trees bear fruits like the Cherry tree. The bees collect pollen. The birds come from cold places. In the spring, the day grows up more than the night. We are doing the first baths in the sea. We wear t-shirts and shorts. We do picnics in the country and we walk on the streets. We ride the bicycle and we play with our families. We eat ice creams and drink cold juices. After the spring, the summer is coming and the schools close. I love spring for all these things which it offers.

My favourite season

Hi I am John and my favourite season is the winter because it’s snowing and I like making a snowman,go skiing,play snowball fight and go sledging. I also love winter because it’s Christmas. I sing carols to the street with my friend Theologo and then I decorate the Christmas tree to my house. After comes New Year Day and the best of all is when I open my presents. At January is my name day and February is my birthday. That’s why WINTER is my favourite season
Senior A John Lalos

My favourite season

My favourite season is summer because I go to the beach and I swim. It’s sunny, the sea is warm and the beach is hot. In the summer I don’t go to school and I have a lot of free time. I play in the garden, I run and I help my grandma to water our flowers. I eat ice cream and a lot of watermelons. I LOVE SUMMER VERY MUCH!!!

My favourite season

My favourite season is summer because I go on vacation with my parents and we go swimming in the sea. I also like it because we eat a lot of ice cream, I play with my friends in the park and we ride a bike and finally, I enjoy sleeping late at night and I do not have school lessons.

My favourite Season


My favourite season is summer. Schools close for three months and I have a lot of free time. I go to the beach every day and I play with my friends. I drink milkshakes and I eat lots of ice cream. In July I have my birthday and I have a party. In August I go to my grandad’s village and I have fun. I like summer very much!

My favourite season

My favourite season is Winter because I play with snow and make a snowman. I like this season because it’s Christmas, the schools are closed and we go on holidays, sing carols in the street and have fun.

Μy favourite season

My favourite season is summer. That is my favourite season because we don’t have school and we have a lot of free time. I love summer because I love to swim with my father and my sister Agapi. Sometimes, my grandfather stays at the beach all morning and sometimes he goes in the afternoon too, because he loves the sea. In the summer I have lots of time to play with my sisters and go walking with my mum on a beach and after that, I go with my father swimming. Hesitantly this year with COVID 19 we can’t heat the summer as we always did we won’t take our baths it won’t be the same summer we always did.

My favourite season

My favourite season is summer. I the love summer because we don’t have school, we are going swimming and we are doing many things. I have a lot of free time and I do my hobbies like dance, reading books, bicycling with more freedom. Every summer Ι give exams in English and dance. Also, we do a dancing show. Unfortunately this year we will not do it because there is the COVID 19. I want to go on holidays this summer but I don’t think so. I hope in all the world the things to go better and to return back in our habits quickly.

The Coming Summer!

Hi George,
How are things? I hope you’re well! In this e-mail I want to share with you my experience: Some days ago I woke up very early. I was very happy because it was a lovely day. I brushed my teeth(I brushed them very well because my mother like all mothers tells me every day that I must brush my teeth very very well) and then I ate breakfast full of vitamins. But while I was eating, I heard the phone ringing. It was my friend John. He invited me to a beach party in the afternoon. I answered him immediately that I was going because as you know I love parties. When the time had come, I put on my best clothes and I started. When I went there I saw all my friends and I was very happy. We played many games and in the end, we all exchanged presents. But when I gave my present to my best friend I heard a very loud noise. I opened my eyes and I saw my mum. I realized that it was only a dream. But I want the coming summer to be like my dream. How do you dream of the summer of this year?
Let me know,

My favourite season !

My favourite season is Summer. First Summer is my favourite season because the school is closed and I get up whatever time I want . Second I don’t have homework and all day I play with my friends, I go at the beach and I go with my Family many excursions in or out of the island and we see new places and sights. Third and final almost every summer you came and one cheer us up that we had time to see. This is the three reasons that summer is my favourite season.




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