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My favourite subject !!!

My favourite subject at school is maths. It is a very difficult subject but very interesting. It is a very different subject like no other because it has to do with numbers and not with the alphabet. In my opinion, this subject exercises your mind and does good for you. This was my favourite subject during elementary school and I love it now in high school. I think that in the future I will do something that has to do with maths.

My favourite subject

My favourite subject is the ancient . ancient is a great lesson that I didn’t like in the archive because it was very difficult but over time I started to like it. In my elementary school, my favourite subject was language but now in high school, the language is more difficult and the lesson I was most interested in was ancient and geography. but my ancient how easy and how nice my godmother tells me she is crazy about my cousins ​​they don’t like them but I don’t like it and I wish they liked it and I like it.

nefeli t.

Technology is my favourite subject

My favourite subject at school is technology education. We learn how to use materials and tools, to make our life easier and move interesting. We use computers very much and this is something that I really like.
Our teacher in technology is very good. He is smart and cool, with a sense of humour and we all enjoy the lesson with him.
Technology has helped people to improve their life it is very important in medicine, in the economy, in transportation, in the production of everything, but is very important to be used wisely. Our teacher very often reminds that to us.

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