An e-mail

Dear Mr. Green,

I am sending you this e-mail to tell you about the problems in our school. I am a student and feel the need to express my concern.

The problems at our school are that the classrooms are small and old and need to fixed. Also our school has a shortage of teachers. You are aware that we do not have an English,French,or German teacher.

I would also like to add that you have to make some changes to the old computers in the computer lab. These school needs are important to make our school a decent one like all the other schools.

Thank you,

George Kapetanelis!

School Problem

Dear Mr. Chatzilambrou

I am writing this e-mail to report the problem my classmates and I are facing at school.

Our problem is that our German teacher talks to us in a disrespectful way and does not allow us to go to the WC and when she gets angry even tells us to shut up.

In my opinion teachers should not act in that way and should be kind and respectful the way we are to them .I would like to ask you to talk to this teacher and maybe ask her to be nice to us .

This will help us to have lessons in peace and enjoy learning.

Thank you for considering my opinion

Kind regards

Casey Zekthi

First day at a new school

Dear Vinnie,

How are you? Hope you are pretty good. You asked me about my daily news and I could say my news is sad.

Recently I moved with my family to a new place and I obviously went to a new school. I am a receptive person so I appreciate this situation. When the day came to go to school I was a little bit stressed because I am an intrinsic person and I knew it’s going to be difficult for me to make new friends. I ventured to go and meet the new group of my friends and get to know each other. Fortunately, they were friendly and we became friends.

One last thing is that I couldn’t stay for long because it’s a provisional situation and we will meet again!

See you soon,





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