Suggestions for the school’s award ceremony

Dear principal Vernon

The prize of the award ceremony must be given to the proper student.  I would like to suggest some ideas and preconditions for the selection of a student for the prize.

I suggest that the student who will win it, must be good at the lessons (maybe the best in the school) and he has high grades on tests and examination and must be diligent (he must be studying and must doing the exercises). Also he must have a good behavior (to be pleasant, to be helpful, and not to be a bully) and he must not have a lot of absences. In addition it would be good, he participates in educational programs and activities of the school (such as: travel programs, robotics programs, sports programs, computer programs and others).

The award ceremony is a very good idea for our school and the selection of a student must be very carefully and correctly.

How important are arts at school.

Career is a situation that makes lots of teenagers concerned about it.  This decision that all teenagers have to take is actually difficult because their life and future depend on this decision. Schools prepare teens for this decision but mainly in areas related to engineering, science, and technology. The downside to this is that important areas such as arts are omitted. In my opinion, it is very important to have arts in school because it will offer students a  number of different advantages.


Arts like theater or music are something we should teach in schools. Firstly, arts are a way to relax and forget about your problems. For example, plenty of people like to hear music when they want to relax. This means that music is a kind of arts that people like and teens should be taught at school. Secondly, people can express feelings and emotions through arts. For instance, through some paintings of Van Gogh, we can understand that he actually was a lonely person. As a result, arts are a way some people can express themselves better.


Moreover, arts keep us hopeful. For example, when someone is not feeling well, putting on a song that they like or showing them an image with positive meaning sets their mood. Clearly, arts have the ability to make us think about the positive side of a difficult situation. Furthermore, arts help us to appreciate stuff ,for instance, a painting that shows how we can destroy our lives makes us appreciate the love and peace that we live nowadays. Therefore, arts remind us to appreciate things that we believe can not be changed like the example.


In conclusion, arts are something that if we have in our lives, we will think in a different way than now and maybe find a career that really suits us in areas like theater or literature. 


Nowadays, popularity is a well-known issue in schools. Teens try to be popular without thinking of the benefits and the drawbacks that it will have on themselves.

On the one hand, being popular has some advantages. Firstly, you feel more positive as a person. For example, when a teen is popular they listen to good comments about them so they feel happier. Secondly, you have bigger friendship circles. For instance, all the teens know you and as a result, everyone wants to be your friend. Furthermore, you develop your confidence and you make yourselves feel better.

From a crooked angle, popularity also has some disadvantages. First of all, you lose the meaning of close friendships. For instance, for the one point, all the teens know you but you do not have some actual friends to stand by you in a difficult moment. Also, with the idea you want to be like others, you may do things just to show you are cool with the result you might start some bad habits like smoking or drugs.

To conclude, having a big name in school is not necessarily negative. Popularity has benefits and drawbacks and you should learn when is the time to stop trying to be popular before you do something bad to yourselves.

Back to school !!!!!✏📓📒

I want to go to school because I want to see my friends and my teacher . I have bought a new bag with pencils ,pens , notebooks and markers . I love drawing unicorns with my pencils and markers .  I love school !!!💼🖍🖌🖊🖋✒✏🗒📝 My favourite subject is Maths . My friends annd I play with teacher many games and this helps us  learn more . Back to school in September is my favourite time of of the year .



Covid-19 changed our school system. We do online school lessons because we have to stay safe, stay at home. I have so much fun and I like doing them at home in my room.
All of as have access to the internet for many different things: for downloading music, pictures, wallpapers and doing projects but now we use it to learn more and more during this nightmare.
But I want to go back to my classroom because I missed all of my friends and my teacher!!

Online lessons

I like online lessons because I stay at home and I like the iPad. We have little problems but it is so funny. I like the games we play. We find things in the kitchen, in the wardrobe, in the drawers. I want to continue the online lessons.

Online lessons

I like having English lessons at school because I see my friends and we play a lot of games in class. With online lessons, we don’t play a lot of games and we don’t borrow books from the English school library. When we use a computer for a long time I have a headache and my eyes become red. In this period I understand that we need to have online lessons because we must protect ourselves. I want my English school to open to go and see my friends, my teacher and Mr Mike again. I can’t wait to play board games in class. I am happy because my English school will open on Monday.

Online English Lessons

A few days ago because of Covid-19, all shops, schools, tutoring centres were closed. In the beginning, I was happy because I thought a break from everyday life would be good for me. Also starting online courses we would not miss the precious time of our learning. That way we would do lessons and we will be relaxed at home. But as time went by my eyes got sore. I could no longer afford online lessons, they were too tedious for me because from morning (with school) until night (with the lessons and the foreign languages) I was on the computer.
My personal opinion is the face to face courses give you the chance to communicate more and interact with other people. I think that the lesson in the classroom is more creative for me because you can do more activities with your classmates. Also, I have direct contact with my teachers and classmates which is very important to me.
I prefer the lesson in the classroom but we should adapt to this situation for this period of time because we don’t have any other option.


Online lessons!

Online lessons are so cool! I love them! But sometimes, it’s not as nice as I describe it. For example, I don’t have a good Internet. Also, online lessons can harm our eyes, and they are not very good, but I prefer online lessons than going to school. Having lessons online is fun. We play games, we do our spelling, correct the exercises and have a good time. Miss Vicky is our teacher and she is very smart. I am glad we have miss Vicky as our teacher and I like Online lessons with her because she makes us laugh.

Online lessons

Hi!! I am John and I like online lessons because from my home I learn new things without going to school, we play interesting games and I see all my class from the computer, but I can’t play with my friends and hug my teacher. I like both of them and I am happy for online lessons and school.

Online lessons

The English lesson course I prefer is in class but English lessons from the computer are good too. I like the English lesson in class because I see my friends and my teacher up close and not from the computer. I like English lesson from the computer too because it’s very unique and fan!
On Monday I come back to class and I’m very happy!!!

Online lessons

I like lessons at kedu English school because I love meeting with my friends. Also, I like playing games on dictation and I love writing on the board.
I like online lessons because I stay at home and I don’t have to go out. Also, I love chat dictation and online games we play with Miss Vicky.
I prefer online lessons because I love using the computer and I don’t have to go out when it’s raining or it’s cold.

KEDU English School