Presenting robots

Nowadays a lot of developed countries are thinking of having a robot teacher. But there are pros and cons that we need to think of .

Firstly, robots have a lot of knowledge. In this way, robots can teach students lots of different subjects and in different languages. Secondly,teens like learning through technology. As a result, students can be more interested in lessons. 

On the other hand, robots can’t control children because they aren’t able to deal with misbehaving students. Robots can’t sympathise with students because struggling students can not get support. 

I think that robots teaching students is a very good idea because this can make a change in our school lives.  

Robots in our life

These days, robots have changed our life, helping us as much as they can, but do you want a robot for a . . . teacher? What are the positives and negatives they have?

Firstly, the robots have lots of knowledge. In this way, they could teach lots of different subjects. Also, the teens like learning through technology. By doing this, students will be more interested in lessons.

On the other hand, a robot could not control students. As a result, it would not be able to deal with misbehaving students. Furthermore, it could not sympathise with students. For instance, struggling students could not get support.

All in all, it would be nice to have a robot as a teacher, but I think that robots are not able to do a job like this.

Robot movie


My favourite movie with robot is robogirl . This movie is about a girl named Sofia.  She destroied the robot of her brother .  She tried to make it again from the begging. She took the lesson of robotic to her school. With her friends she made a team and she made a new robot better than her brother and won a competition with her team .

I like this movie because I love robotic and I want to make my robotic team.


Pros and cons , robots working for humans.

The advantages and disadvantages are a lot. For instance robots replacing human jobs and that will increase unemployment. However that will increase new raising jobs as an example mechanical automation engineers . A big advantage of robots is that the working environment will be safer than it is now. In addition we can spend our free time trying to do better for the environment and for each other. Also we can volunteer for a good cause . In conclusion having automated factories meaning that the robots despite having its disadvantages it will be the best thing for our future. It will be safer and it will give humans a lot of free time.

The future robots( ? )

Technology is developing very fast. It has helped us to make our lives more luxurious, easier, and funnier. But have you ever thought about what will happen, if in the future, we will be able to program robots to do our jobs, our housework and generally all those works that we are often bored to do?
As far as I’ m concerned, this will have quite a lot of advantages. To begin with, we will have a lot of free time with the same money as now as the robots will be going to work for us and we will take the money. So, we will be able to enjoy our time with our loved people, traveling and doing whatever we like to do. However, if some people like their job, they could do it. For instance, a ballerina, a painter will be able to continue their jobs as a hobby.
On the other hand, we will never be trying hard for all those that we will have. We will just enjoy the money that our robots will give us and people will never develop their logical thinking. But, I have a good idea about this. All the kids will go to school like in the present days and when they learn and choose the job that they would like to do and they will be able to do, they will take a robot and they will program it to do the job for them.
It probably sounds strange to you. It maybe can be or not. Who knows?

My favourite robot

My favourite robot is a policeman called Robocop. His job is to catch the bad guys. This robot is tall and strong. He has got a lot of weapons and a helmet. He can run fast and fly Unfortunately his weakness is water and poison because he is part human.

Aris K.

Unicorn robot 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄

Hi, I am a robot and my name is Unicorn. I can do a lot of things. One of them is that I can do the lesson of others. Also, I can do some housework like put laundry and I can spread the clothes. I’m made of lego. I live in a house with a girl and she takes care of me. I do tik tok dance with her because she likes tik tok and because we are having a great time. That excites very the other people when they see me is that I can fly. I can’t talk, but I can dance and I can do other things. I love my family and the girl who take care of me 💕♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️💕💕💕💕💕💕💕🦄

Joy A.

My robot

Hi, I’ m Vagelitsa and my robot name is Emily. My robot can do housework and do my homework. It can wash plates, put clothes on the washing machine, throw trash, read books, drink water, eat and much more. It is made of iron and can’ t destroy. Is medium size and crisp and white, walks home and doesn’ t talk. We got together Tik Tok and had a great time. We dance and sing. My family loves her so much and we all have a great time all together. I love this robot!!! 💖💖

Vagelitsa A.

My robot!

My robot’s name is super robot 3000. It is a robot which doing the household. It does everything about the house and it is really a super robot. I like it because I want more time with my parents. I also think that it can play at a soap opera or a film like soap operas.

Teo G.

My own robots

(First robot)
His name is VETERAN. This robot can do many things. He can talk, run fast, look in the dark, pick up the phone, connect to the internet and take pictures.
(Second robot)
His name is ALIEN. We have sent this robot into SPACE to explore it. It has the form of an ALIEN and it can see, it can run and it can catch things.




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