Street food

Very popular street food in Greece is souvlakia. The vendors cut the meat in slices, they
put the slices in a stick and they bake the souvlakia. The vendors serve the souvlakia with
fried potatoes, baked bread pies, onions, tomatoes and sauce with yoghurt and cucumber.
It’s really tasty! I like eating souvlakia very much!

Maritina K.



It is very important for people to eat healthy foods. That helps to lose weight and protects people from heart diseases. Making some changes to your diet is the better way to be healthy and active. A healthy diet may contain fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains, nuts and seeds, meat, seafood, eggs and milk. It is good to avoid eating junk food and sweetened products. Avoid white bread and much salt. Chose foods containing healthy fats, eat more vegetables and fruits. Drink more water. Don’t drink alcohol and beverages. Stop eating high calories foods. Eat smart and enjoy your food to be healthy!

Apostolis M.

My favourite snacks!

I am Thomas. I have two favourite snacks. The first call it bacon sandwich and the second is a caesars salad. For the bacon sandwich, I use white bread. First I add some sauce. Then I add lettuce. Next tomato and after I add two slices of crispy bacon. For the caesar salad, I use lettuce, croutons, corn, chicken fillet, parmezana cheese and yellow sauce. First I cut the lettuce and add salt and oil.Then I add the corn, chicken fillets,parmezana cheese, croutons and then I add the yellow sauce. Finally, I eat them!These are my favourite snacks and I recommend you try them.

Thomas K.

Dessert with biscuits-recipe

Dessert with biscuits-recipe
2 packets of biscuits or cookies you like
500gr cream
500gr sugar
500gr yoghurt
In the beginning blend the yoghurt, the cream and the sugar in a big bowl. After that, smash the biscuits and add them in the mixture. Then put the mixture in a baking sheet and leave it for at least 2 hours in the refrigerator. The dessert is ready and you can enjoy it with some marmelade, pieces of chocolate or nuts.
It is very easy to make that dessert and everyone will enjoy it. You can use low fat yoghurt and cream, or brown sugar if you want it to be lighter.

Apostolos M.



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