Quarantine days

My quarantine days are not so boring…  So, a great idea came into my mind… I will write my quarantine routine…

So At seven o’clock, I wake up and I make my bed. Then, I check my phone to see if I have new messages. Before I check my phone, I go downstairs and I eat my breakfast. At half-past seven, I open my laptop and I check my homework. At eight o’clock, I enter the Webex class and I have my lesson.

I finish my lesson at 1.30 pm. Then I eat lunch and I put my little sister on Webex at two o’clock. When she finishes (at five o clock) I do my homework. and at seven o clock, I have an English lesson until 9.00 pm.

That’s my quarantine routine!

My second lockdown (until now)

Oh, here we go again! Quarantine no2 and I am already bored staying inside and doing online lessons all day! In my opinion, I think that this lockdown will be more tiring and difficult for everyone because we have more strikes of this virus and we probably we will stay more time inside. But never mind! We have to be positive and to wear masks! I have already made a list of things that I want to do at quarantine and I put and some targets too! The first thing that I want to do is to spend more time with my family and to tidy my messy room! Also, I would like to try to study and talk more English for my proficiency exams! Furthermore, now who I have plenty of time, I would like to read some books and to draw. So yes, sometimes you have to see some things from their other side, like quarantine. It may be boring and tiring, but it has a number of things that you can do and to have a lot of fun.

Stay home for too long!

These days, We must stay at home. I do a lot of things in my house. I play the piano, I do gymnastics, I listen to music and others… My schools found the solution and I do lessons at my home. I spend my time very well but sometimes I don’t like the lessons very much on the Internet because we didn’t have very good wi-fi and without wi-fi, we don’t do a lesson. Fortunately, we have our cats for company! I love my family and I am glad which these days, I spend my time with them.

COVID-19:Old age

Real loneliness is not what we used to call during the quarantine. Real loneliness can’t use the internet, Facebook, Viber or Skype. Real loneliness can’t write on a piece of paper or send an SMS to go out of the house. Can’t watch a movie on Netflix to pass the time. It never takes selfies and never shares on Instagram. It doesn’t use smartphones with applications never go for a walk or shopping in a supermarket. For some people, the meaning of life is a door opening, a doorbell ringing. But now, COVID-19 made that doorbell shut out. Real loneliness has wrinkles and it’s called old age. So, think! Every time we feel bored on our sofa, watching a movie eating pizza, every time we complain about those people who feel alone.Those people who have grown others, who have given them their best they could.Those people who got forgotten and rejected much before COVID-19. But even so, they forgive. Love aged people because they carry the charge of them, show them love and kindness.

The days of 2020

Hello miss Viki
I write this email to tell you how I spent my time all these days. First of all, I want to say that is very boring in the house all these days but with this opportunity, I found more things to do.

So these days I really listen to music all day because music is one of my favourite hobbies. Also during the day instead to listen to music all day I exercise my body. That is a hobby that I found and I like this very much. Something else that I start to do is to waste my time with my mum thing that I could not do. I am very bored but am very happy because I found new things to waste my time.

This is my email I wish to start again to hang out with my friends. Let me know if you liked my email.

Bye Duke

The positive and the negative aspects of staying at home

Being limited is nearly always a letdown. But sometimes if you have strong nerves and imagination it will turn out a bit funny or even exciting. Here we will analyse some good facts about the quarantine who will help you feel better.
Firstly, limited transportation is really what the planet needed. The worldwide quarantine is like a punishment from mother earth. Just think that she was so sick that she took some days off. Although these days seem to be ages.
Secondly, people are more than ever outside. Either for a walk or to daydream or even just to take a deep breath from the fresh air. Believe me, Amali (where I live) haven’t seen so many people from the time of her creation. Think of how many papers or messages with “Β4” written on them.
During the coronavirus confinement we do some things that we wouldn’t do in other conditions like try new foods or play new games and this can be very interesting. What about finding a new passion or hate.
I could think of a lot of bad aspects of staying at home but… I am here to make you feel better, not worse. DO NOT FORGET TO HAVE FUN.

What are the positive and negative things of staying inside? What can we do to make our time more pleasant?

What are the positive and negative things of staying inside? How can we make our time more pleasant?

Staying inside is not something that humans can handle easily. So it’s hard to get used to it and find something fun to do while we are bored or we have nothing to do. But what are the positive and negative things of staying inside, and what can we do to make our time more pleasant?

Firstly, staying inside makes us feel bored inside a house, and we think that the day does not have an end. It also makes us feel lonely because we can’t see our friends and some members of our family like grand-parents, uncles, aunts and our cousins.
But, on the other hand, we have to stay inside so we stay healthy and help the coronavirus disease (COVID) stop spreading. And also for our loved ones, we have to protect them from the disease!
Last but not least, there are many ways that we can make our time less boring and more pleasant, firstly we have to do things that we like and things that we enjoy the most. Or if it’s possible we can practice our hobby at home, but there are some hobbies that we can’t practice at home like rowing, swimming etc.
To sum up, I believe that we have to stay at home so we protect our family and our own! I understand that it’s difficult to implement it but we have to try, for our planet’s good!

Eleni Tsaponi

How I spend these days and what makes me happy

These days I have a good time. I’m involved with many things these days. I do gymnastics, I ride a bike with my mum and many more. We do English lessons through an application and it’s perfect. We are thinking of starting dance lessons with video calling and I can’t wait. I don’t want to go back to the time when I didn’t have any free time and I had a lot of lessons and things to do. What makes me happy is that I have a lot of free time to take care of my family and myself.

The positive and negative aspects of staying inside and what we can do to make our time more pleasant.

In this period of time we must all be calm, patient and to remember that we stay at home for our good and health. I know that we can not meet and hang out with our beloved people and going out in general. However, there are and positive aspects of this situation. First of all, we relax and we take a quit big break from our lessons and our studies, something that I am sure that everyone wanted or needed. Furthermore, now, it’s a good chance to do things that we wanted, but we couldn’t do as we were busy. Also, in order to spend our time productively, we can start a hobby, take care of our body, exercise, do housework, dear with cooking, play board games with our family, read books or our school books. If we stay positive, have good vibes and spend our time productively, this period will pass more quickly and pleasant!

The positives and negatives of staying inside

This year didn’t start well. Covid-19, also known as the coronavirus, made the whole world stay inside. There are a lot of negatives and positives of staying inside. These are for me the positives and negatives of staying home.
At the start it would look pretty cool staying inside, doing whatever you wanted to do at any time. But after the first week, it slowly became boring and it is becoming more and more boring as days pass. A negative thing is that you cant go out and meet your friends and talk to them as you would do daily. After some hours you will get bored and just try and find something to spend your time on. Also, you can’t do after school activities as everything is closed.
The positives are that you have almost all day to do activities that you may not have time to do and you can do whatever activities you want that are not outdoors.

The negative and the positive aspects of staying inside.

The negatives and the positives of staying inside are many and different for every person. For me, the negatives are mainly phycological because I can’t go outside with my friends or my family. Also, I don’t have the ability to go to school or my after school activities, and for this reason, I have nothing productive and fun to do all day. However, the positives of staying inside are also many. In my opinion, the most important one is that we have united as a society and therefore we are stronger together. Also staying inside gave us time to try new things such as to find new hobbies and many more. In conclusion, both the negatives and the positives are important, and we should try to face them with a positive attitude.

The Bright Side of Quarantine (a creative person’s perspective)

“Why are you dressed up as The Dragon Queen? Is she your favourite character or did you just think it would be an interesting thing to do?”.
This is the question I would ask this “21st century Queen Daenerys Targaryen”.
Since Lithuania went under quarantine, the photographer, Adas Vasiliauskas, has been using a drone to take pictures of the people in their houses enjoying a positive aspect of quarantine. My favourite picture, of the few that I have seen, is picture number 6, which shows a young woman standing on her balcony dressed up as the fictional character, from the well-known book/TV series “Game of Thrones”, Daenerys Targaryen. Apparently, the “cosplayer”, as she appears to be, is holding a banner that writes “WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS”.
According to my creative aspect, I think that one of the many bright prospects of quarantine for a creative person could be the opportunity to focus on certain projects, like a painting, a costume, a writing piece or whatever it is they are working on. A few hours before the picture was taken, this woman was probably sitting in front of the TV watching her favourite series, Game of Thrones, and thought: “Maybe, it’s time I brush up that Daenerys costume of mine and have a little fun.” Consequently, that is how this woman decided to entertain herself during these hard times, rather than spending a whole lot of precious time doing nothing productive.

In my point of view, quarantine has given people the opportunity to spend some quality time with ourselves or the people we live with. To sum up, we should not waste our time, because such an opportunity might not come around any time soon for some of us.

P. I. Eleftheriou
(a KEDU assignment)

KEDU English School