My pet

My pet is a cat named Tiger , my sister named him that because he has stripes like a tiger. He’s orange and his paws and belly are white . He has white stripes and he’s 5 years old. Sometimes he’s very energetic and playful and some other times he’s really tired. I rescued him on August 27th 2017 and it was the best thing I have ever done !!

My favourite pet

My favourite pet is a dog. Its name is Hara. It is a lovely dog with long ears. It has got a big white body and a short tail. It can run very fast. I love Hara very much.

Maria S.

Can Animals Change a Human’s Ways and Traits? an essay by P.E. Eleftheriou

They say a dog is a man’s best friend. Animals have been man’s companions since the early ages. In certain cases, they even helped to change people’s behaviour and way of thinking. Is that even possible? Believe it or not, it is!
Firstly, animals, like dogs, give unconditional love to someone, no matter their origin; race etc., but they also know whether somebody is unfriendly or dangerous. In that case, if an animal shows affection to a person not liked by lots of people or isolated from society, they might start to believe they deserve the rest of the world’s respect and acceptance. In that way, that feeling encourages them to try and become better human beings.
In addition, by loving an animal and caring about it, a person learns to feel the same about other people; close to them or not.
Secondly, experiences also change somebody’s character. Likewise, a special bond between a human and their pet can have the same effects. For instance, somebody may not have anybody to support them in their life, but their little four-legged friend is still there for them. Furthermore, petting a cute or adoring animal can chase all of somebody’s anxiety and stress away and the rest seems insignificant.
However, some may think that all the views I pointed out only apply to animal-lovers. This might seem accurate, still, it is not. In other words, it is on the cards that non-animal lovers can have a change of heart just by spending time with them.
Animals are the only innocent beings on earth, so maybe we should start taking some of their traits as examples. Lots of people use the expression “behave like an animal”, yet I believe we should start questioning ourselves: “Are humans behaving like animals or are animals behaving like humans?”.
By P. E. Eleftheriou

My friend Babis

This dog is a shepherd dog he has a strong skeleton and a large muscle mass. It can move all day under difficult weather condition in the mountains. He doesn’t want much food. This dog protects sheep and goats from wolves.
In this photo is my friend Babis. He is very friendly and I love him. I thank Miss. Cristina who let me take a picture of her shepherd dog.

Favourite pet

My favourite pet is a dog. I don’t have a dog but I love them very much. If I had a dog I would like it to be small and sweet like all other dogs. My family promised me that when I have my birthday they will buy me a dog. I can’t wait for that day!

My favourite animal…


My favourite animal is a dog. Dogs usually live in the house with the people. They have got four legs, long ears and a tail. They usually live for twelve years. The dogs eat meat and bones. They can play with people and they smell very well.

Paraskevi B.

My cats!

Hello! My name is Jim. My favourite animal is a cat! I love cats. l have 3 cats, I love them…!!! Their names are Lousi, Canela and Mikis. Lousi is white and orange, Mikis is white and dark and Canela is white, orange and dark. And all three have very soft fur but and all three has sweet eyes. I had and elsewhere but he was hit by a car. I was very sad but I overcame it. I love my cats because is playful, cute and sometimes is silly but I love them. It makes me happy and I forget all the problem that I have!

Jim N.

KEDU English School