my ideal neighborhood

My Ideal Neighborhood

My ideal Neighborhood is a place where the streets have got a lot of bikes and children. It has a lot of housetrees and  parks. So there are a lot of clothes and shoe shops. There are a lot of friendly people who are kind. I feel good with what I see and the people in my neighborhood are  very  happy. There aren’t  any dogs and cats to make a lot of noise in my neighborhood. In my neighborhood it doesn’t have very bad  weather , it has got good weather. I love my ideal Neighborhood.

My ideal neighbourhood

My ideal neighbourhood is a peaceful place with no cars or motorbikes.There are small houses with gardens and flowers.There are horses,donkeys and bikes for transport.There is a cinema,a supermarket,a public pool,a post office ,schools ,libraries and cafes by the sea.Everyone is friendly to eachother.the streets are quiet after school because everyone goes to the library to study.There is also a mall where people go shopping and an amusment park where children go at the weekends and have birthday parties there.There is also a shop that gives free food to the kids everytime they are hungry or forget their food at home.There are also dog competitions every the centre of the neighbourhood is a lake where you can go rowing!

My ideal neighbourhood🏘

 In my ideal neighbourhood, I would like my school to be near my house. I would like my friends to live in the neighbourhood. I would like it to have one market, one park and a lot of grass. Every house should have its one garden so that there are not stray animals. I would like my relatives to stay near my house. I would prefer this neighbourhood than the one, I live now.

Arhontia Doukarelli😀


The ideal neighbourhood has to be quite and must have rubbish bins. It has many plants and trees. It should have many parks and playground. It may have electric cars and scooter. And of course, many bikes.

Ideal neighborhood

If I could choose where to live, I would like to stay in the Skyscraper. That is my dream. The Skyscraper would have fifty floors and I would stay on the last one. Around there would exist many shops, like a mall and cafes too. Also,it would have a large pool like circle with many umbrellas,tables and chairs.In the evening would have a lot of lights.

That would be my favorite neighborhood in the modern city.


My ideal neighbourhood is so beautiful. It has a big park with swings, see-saws, roundabouts and a slide. There are benches, a swimming pool, some deck chairs with umbrellas and towels and it has many kids. The neighbourhood hasn’t any cars. Come to our neighbourhood so we can play all together.We will have a nice time!

My ideal neighborhood

My ideal neighborhood is place where there are big streets and tall skyscrapers. It has big houses with garden. It has a playground with a football pitch for boys who like football. My ideal neighborhood has buses and taxis next to the has a lot of libraries, many hospitals, a police station, a toyshop and a pet shop. The people in my neighborhood are polite and happy because they live in a safe neighborhood!!!

My ideal neihborhood

My ideal neibhorhood is a place where the steets are purple and the pavements are colourful.There are 5 parks:the first is for adults,the second is for animals and the other 3 is for kids and also for parents.There are many shops with a lot of strange things,some cafes,beaches and a port with a lot of ships which are green,white,red and yellow.The transport is good but there only cars for people and strange planes foranimals too!!!In a secret place there are rare animals like:crocodiles,snakes,big spiders and others!!!

My ideal neighborhood

My ideal neighborhood is a place where the streets are big and they have wide pavements. Its buildings are blocks of flats and traditional houses, so two generations exist in one neighborhood, the new generation and the old generation. There is  also a big park, a football field and a basketball court in the centre of the neighborhood. It has a really nice public transport, too! Finally, there are a lot of facilities.There are supermarkets, a cinema, restaurants and cafès. There is a Luna park, too!



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