my favourite toy


MY favorite toy is LEGO. I am spending a lot of time with constructions with LEGOS and I like to create a fantasy world with my LEGO. Also, I have many little which are inside my room , for example, my helicopter or my cars.

BY Theodore Papaporfiriou


This is my elephant.It’s a elephant doll. It’s a soft toy. It’s pink and  it’s big. It’s my favourite toy.

Board games

I love board games because I play with my family, we have a lot of fun together

There are so many different board games… So i never get bored

My favourite board game is Monopoly!

my fanoyrite toy

My favourite toy is Fortnite is a video game.In this game you can play with your friends.You can build you house and you can fight with other people.I like Fortnite very much and I want to play it all the time

Stavroula My favourite game

I have a doll .Santa Claus gave me a doll two years ago. She has got blue eyes . She has got pink dress with white stars . She has fair hair . She`s got gray coat, and pink shoes .The doll is talking to me louks real .When l ask her she answer me .Her name is colden . I love 💕 her very much


When I do my lesson I see a mouse so I scared so much and I jump over my chair but the mouse steal my pencil and I didn’t know it but then I realised  that so I take an umprella and go out on the rain for found the mouse.When I found the mouse it is have mine pencil and a burger.So I do scared noises and the mouse go away.After it all I get my pencil but i realised that I am losed and don’t know where.I moved at all the city but I didn’t found my house so I started crying.After 1 hour a friendly person with a bike comes and help me to go back to mine home.After 1 hour again i found my ouse and everythink was good.


My favourite toy!

This is my monopoly fortnite!

It s a hard toy.

It s purple and it s big.

My favorite toy

This is my lego Spiderman.

It  is my favorite toy.It’s a plastic.It is small pieces.It’s red colour and blue.

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