my building

My building

Hello!My name is Arhontia and this is my building.My building it is square .I often go with my family and sleep there.It also has a little ground.

Arhontia Doukarelli😀😀

The Rocket Building

The Rocket Building is one of the highest buildings and everyone knows it.

It has 54 floors with offices and a mall.

This building has a lot of windows.

It also looks like a rocket and its 137 meters tall this building is in the New York city of America

and people from all over the world come to see it.


Book building 📕

This is my ” Book Building ”. This has 9 floors and 52 windows. This has books, pencils, rubbers, pens… The building’s name is ” BOOK BOOK ”. This is the cite. It is 25 m tall. The windows for A, B, C  .. is for kids, 4th floors and 5th floors are for parents. You can explore this.  At the ” BOOK BOOK ” you can play games on kids floors. This is where many books, big and little In  10th  floors has food and tables to sit. But you can play limbo and sing ” karaoke”. It has rooms to watch movies with friends and the room where you read your book.

The human building

This building that looks like a person is in Greece.It constructed in the country’s capital,Athens. It’s size is 98m tall and it has 51 floors.There are 25 floors with offices, 5 floors with shopping malls, 13 floors are apartments, 4 floors with restaurants and the same number are cinemas. There are also 152 windows.The window that looks like an eye is the biggest window in the world.Hundreds of people are visiting this unique building every day.



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