Mission:VNG 2020

Mission:VNG 2020

Think quickly!

Think quickly is a board game that you must do everything quickly. It contains 1 board, 6 pawns, 1 dice, 1 hourglass and 100 cards with words. The rules are easy:

You throw the dice, you take a card and then, you must read the word and say what does it mean in 10 seconds. If you say the meaning correct, you go forward as many steps as the dice shows. If you say the meaning wrong, you go behind as many steps as the dice shows. The winner is the first who arrives at the end of the board.

Mission VNG 2020

The name of the board game is 🎮The word game🎮. 

The purpose of the game is to reach the top of the stairs first.

How to play: find a word with the number of letters assigned on each step within the time specified by the hourglass in order to proceed to the next step up. If you can’t find the word quickly enough you lose your turn. Be the one to reach the top fastest and win.

To make the game more challenging, the number of letters, the first letter of the word and the time can be changed.

“Mission:VNG 2020”

The name of this game is “Find the word”. In this game 8 players can take part. And here are the rules:

  • You roll the dice,you do as many steps as your number shows.
  • You get a card , you read the word and try to explain the meaning, your time is 30 seconds.
  • If you do not say the meaning correctly you go back.
  • The first to reach the end will receive a reward worthy of his effort.

Hope you like it !!!


Mission: VNG 2020

The name of the board game in the image above is “Days till Christmas”. It also comes with a calendar to count down the days till Christmas. It’s Christmas themed and it’s really easy to play!


This game is played with at lest 2+ players! You start at the “start box” and finish at the “finish box”. There is 1 dice and 10 roles and you must be at least 8+ to play this game!

How to play:

  1. The candy cane means you go 7 steps ahead.
  2. The Christmas tree means you go 10 steps ahead.
  3. The star means you go 15steps ahead
  4. The broken star means you have to go 5 steps back, there’s a slight chance you could get a broken star, but be careful!

I hope you enjoy this Christmas game with your friends and family! Merry Christmas! 🎅🎉


Mission:VNG 2020

The name of my board game is “The word KEDU”. It is a game that played at least three players. We put the pawns in the start and we write the word kedu in the board !!We follow the rules and the game begin.
The rules :

  • The smaller player, holding a ball, turns the hourglass and starts to say a word that starts from the last letter of the word kedu, that is the (u).Τhen he gives the ball to the next player and he tries to find a word from the letter (u).Αnd this continues until time runs out.
  • When the time is up, the player holding the ball stays where it is while the others move on to the next box.
  • The player who doesn’t move writes the next word on the board, turns the hourglass and they start again in the order all the players say a word from the last letter of the word that is written on the board.
  • Τhe red box is the danger zone, any player who goes there must not stop the ball in his hands otherwise he returns to the beginning again.

Start the game and have fun !!!!

Mission:VNG 2020

The name of my board game is ”Kedu story telling game”. It’s a interesting game that played with at least two players.

For playing the game you must place the pawns at the point that says “start” .  You follow the rules and the game start !!!

The rules:

  • The youngest player starts and moves to the first square, reads the two words aloud and has as much time as the hourglass to tell a short story.
  • If he catches up and told the story, he moves on to the next square.
  • If he doesn’t manage to tell the story, the other players ring the bell, and the player stays where he is.

Whoever finishes first is the winner!!



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