Mission 2


The boardgame name is nockout because it is a nockout.



You need a dice

You must  use the symbols

There are three gaps boxes

The boardgame has 10 rounds

The first player to complete 10 rounds, the last player leave to game until two  players



Shells:The red shell gives you the opportunity to hit the next player and missed his turn,

the green shell you can hit the back player and he doesn’t play one time,

the blue shell you can hit the fisrt player and he misses his turn

Wall:You can put the wall up to block a box.That way you can stop some players in one time

Ice:A big ice is used to freezze all players two times,

a small ice is used to freeze a player one time

Tornado:You can use for all players to go back 2 boxes

Shield:You use to protect yourself from being hit

Glue:You can stick a player and he moves half the amount of his dice roll

Pichaxe:You use it to bring back the  next player back to you

Canon:With a canon you can go to box number 5

Super plant:You can double the number in your dice roll

Rainbow:You can go to box number 4


Rainbow boy

Rainbow girl

Boy with wago

Girl with wago

Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders is a board game that you must finish without the snake eats you.

You start from number 1 until number 31 but the board game has some traps but and some ladders that help you to finish without the snake eats you but some ladders are traps and go you down.

You can play this board game with your friends.

Mission: VNG 2020

The name of the game is “English Board Game”. It is played by two players. The aim is to answer the questions correctly. Its rules are simple: You roll the dice and move as many steps as it says. But be careful: If you don’t give the correct answer, you must go back to the start. There is also a “Go back to start” space, and one that says, “Play again”!!!

Mission:VNG 2020

The name of the boardgame is Christmas in keduland. It is a Christmas board game and I love playing it with my friends.  Rules: You can play that game with 2+ more players. You start from the start box and finish at the finish box. How to play: 1. The candy cane means you have to pick a dare. 2. Free means you can relax and enjoy your hot chocolate. 3. Some boxes have Christmas questions if you don’t want to answer them you have picked a dare like: say Ho, Ho, Ho!  The winner is the one who collects the most snowflake. That’s my Xmas boardgame. I hope you enjoy it. Merry Christmas 🤶

Mission VNG: Sing or dare?

In this game, you have to move as many places as the dice says. There are 20 squares, 10 blue and 10 red. In each blue square there are different words and you have to make an imaginary song with that word. In each red box, there is a dare that you have to do. If you don’t sing a song or don’t do the dare you have to go five squares back. The one who finishes first is the bravest and cleverest winner! You can play this game everywhere because the only thing you need is a dice and the cartoon with the squares You can play it with your friends and family it will be fun!!!

Mission: VNG2020

This new board game is called WINTER WONDERLAND. It’s a game that is perfect for people of all ages who love Christmas. 2-5 players must find the perfect Christmas decoration which is a Christmas star to win. Choose a pawn and begin. Roll the dice.

Rules: Everyone begins at START. The youngest player begins. Roll the dice and MOVE! If you land on GO BACK 3 OR 5 SPACES you must go back. If you land on GO 4  SPACES AHEAD  move 4 spaces. TAKE A BREAK means you lose your turn. The first person to land on 20 gets the LUCKY STAR and wins!




The Dark Soul

Evil has captured your soul. You live in eternal loneliness without feelings and thoughts. Your only purpose is to take your soul back and live a normal life. This is an adventurous board game ,that fascinates the players.

You have to fight hard, against evil powers and dark desires. You must walk though mysterious paths and solve riddles. You have to follow the truth with courage and be bold . You have to defeat dragons, monsters, evil spirits in haunted castles, on cold mountains, in empty plains, in underground worlds. But everytime you have the opportunity to make your own story by making your own choice on how you want to continue the game.

So you can live the adventure again and again in different versions. You choose the plot, you choose the enemy, you choose what kind of person you will become.

Play the game 

        Make your own story!!!

Mission:VNG 2020

Kedu around the world!!!

Kedu around the world is a board game in which we have lost our Panta!! We have to find it and we go all over the world looking for it. Be careful, do not fall into a trap. Only 2 players can play the game. 

The rules are:

If you roll the dice and go to number 4, you take the boat so, you take your pawn and go 2 steps forward.

If you go to number 7, Pharaoh is very angry so, you have to go 2 steps back.

If you go to number 9, you can change pawns with the other player.

If you go to number 11, you have to throw the garbage. You go three steps back.

If you go to number 13, you have to play rock, paper, scissors. The winner eats the strawberry and goes 2 steps forwards.

If you go to number 16, there’s a volcanic eruption. You have to go from start!

The winner is the first player who goes to number 18 and finds the Panta!

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