My ideal dream job

Until now I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up .I think that I am too young to make a decision that will change my whole life. The only thing I know is that I want to deal with something like, police, military or firefighter and I don’t want to be something like tour guide, taxi driver, fashion designer or estate agent. I like working full-time to be excited about what I do and to do it all in perfection. I think that to do something like what I am thinking to be when I grow up you must be relaxed and sensible.

My job application

Dear Sir/Madam


I am writing to apply for the position in your camp that was advertised in yesterdays collage News. I am interested in this job because I like to work with children.


I am twenty years old and I am studying to be a doctor, more specific a medical examiner. Also, I have a good command of English.


I have work experience in this area, when I was younger I went to scouts and I was in the same position as you have requested, and I know a lot about games and sports. I’m sure I’ll be good at this job because of my experience and because I’m creative, patient, energetic and always happy.


I’d like to attend an interview. I’ll be available any day you want at afternoons. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Stratos Kout

How to be a good ambassador

All countries have some people who work as ambassadors. This job is very important because it represents a country abroad. Some people are good at this job, but others not. So who is the most appropriate for this job?

Firstly, to be an ambassador is demanding and difficult. An ambassador has a range of responsibilities dealing with foreign relations. He has to be kind and focused on his work and it is essential to know some foreign languages to communicate easier.

Secondly, he has to pay attention to this work and not to be busy with other stuff. He has to love all the countries regardless of religion and nationality.

To be an ambassador is important for your country. You present it and you communicate with others ambassadors!! If I were an ambassador, I would be very proud, because Ι would defend my country!!

Drawing Plans

My mum Melina works as an architect in Loutra. She is always happy when she drives to her job. In this job, you must draw plans for some houses and then you give them to some workers. Then the workers build the house and you get money. Melina works 8 hours but she doesn’t care about the time. She loves her job and she will continue doing it. I think this job is interesting and I might do it in the future.

Jimmy M.




I am a policeman. The duties of the job are to catch criminals that steal money etc. I like to stop crime. When I was little about five years old I want to be a policeman because I like to play with guns. I have a focus in my life and a lot of time said to my mother<<mum I want to be a policeman>>. I work for 5 hours a day. I feel happy for my job because I like to stop the crime.

theodore h.

An interesting job

My uncle is a balloon pilot. He drives and controls the ballons to go on a trip with a lot of different persons. Ιn order to travel they need to make an appointment with the pilot to get tickets. Usually, the countries that go are Melons, Watermelons, and Strawberries. The hours he works are from very early the morning to very late at night. His feelings are sometimes good and sometimes bad because he has every day a very difficult program but all his family is next to him for every problem and this thing makes my uncle very very happy!!!!!

Chara K.

Interesting job

My neighbour Zoe does a very interesting job she is an Undercover agent. She is spying on people and she is solving clues. She is working all day long and she doesn’t mind because she learns about gadgets, people and many information !!

Maria E.

The waiter

The waiter serves food and drinks in a restaurant or in a cafe. It can be a woman or a man. The waiter must be very careful and polite to the costumers. Must keep clean the story. The waiter works eight hours a day, morning or evening. It is a difficult and tiring job but you can meet new people, listen to music and have fun.

Evi A.

Police officer

I always get up at half past four and I have a big breakfast. I work at a police station all day. I like catching criminals. I have dinner at seven o’clock. I eat alone. after dinner, I play football. I go to bed at nine o’clock. I’m tired after a long day of work.

Lambros N.


I love animals

I am a vet. I always get up at eight o’clock and I have breakfast. I work on my pet shop all day. I like helping animals. Look! This is my cat. I have dinner at ten o’clock. I eat with all the family. After dinner I watch TV. I always go to bed at half-past 11. I’ m tired after a long day of work.

Marialena K.

I love teaching!

I am a teacher. This is my day: I always get up at half-past six and I have a big breakfast. I work at a school all day. I like teaching my pupils.look!This is my class. I have dinner at nine o’clock. I eat with all the family. After dinner, I watch TV. I always go to bed late, at about half-past eleven. I am tired after a long day of work.

Mirsini A.

I love animals

I ‘m a vet. This is my day I always get up at seven o’clock and I have a big breakfast. I work at my pet shop all day because I like helping animals. Look! This is my dog. I have dinner at eight o’clock. I eat with all my family. After dinner I watch TV. I always go to bed early at about nine o’clock. I’m tired after a long day of work.

Maria S.


KEDU English School