My house

Hi Bob,

my house is big.It is out of the city.Outside there is a garden. Inside there are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen. On the second floor there is a big attic. My house is great!

My house!

Hi Olivia!

Thanks for your email!

In my house there are :one bathroom and one WC.

One kitchen and a living room.

In the living room there are:a fireplace and a sofa near a table. Opposite the TV, there is an armchair  and in front of it, there is a footstool.

In the corridor there are four rooms:a playroom,my parent’s bedroom, my bedroom and my desk room.

In my desk room there are:a bookcase, two desks and a mini blackboard.

Your friend, Zoe!



Mission: My Paper House

My house is very big and modern. It has four rooms, a huge living room, a cosy kitchen, a warm bedroom and a big hall. In the living room there is an orange carpet, a sofa, a clock and two paintings. In the kitchen there is a table with two chairs, lots of cupboards, a sink and a washing machine. In the bedroom there is a bed with a bedside cabinet, a small wardrobe, a shelf with books and a blue carpet. In the hall there is a big window, a green carpet and lots of photos. I love my house very much!