Lesvos, my island!!!

Lesvos is a beautiful island and the third largest of Greek island. Lesvos is a popular destination for family holidays. The island is dotted with many villages such as Molyvos, Petra, Kalloni, Sykamia and Mytilene. Lesvos is a wonderful destination for monasteries and beaches. If you love destination with a long history, Lesvos needs to be on your travel wish list.

Maria S.


Now, I’m living in my village, called Anaxos. It’s a small village in the North-east part of the island. It’s a beautiful and quiet place for someone to live in. It’s green, with many trees and gardens, small, cosy houses that people use for their vocation. There is not a school and the children who live here have to get a school bus for going to their school. Also, people who need to go to the pharmacy or the post office, have to go to the neighbour village. There is not a pharmacy, post office, cinema or a school here but there are a small church and some mini markets.
Not many families live here during the winter, but in the summer a lot of people visit the place to pass their vocation. In the summer the place is very nice with many shops, restaurants, cafes and every kind of sea sport. The beach is beautiful and the sunset is the most amazing of all.

Apostolos M.

My village!

My village is Polichnitos, a village on the island of Lesvos, North Aegean, Greece. It is located in the central south coast of the island and it has a population of 4,234. It is a traditional village. Its characteristic are its panoramic view, its traditional houses, the millstones from the old oilimill and more. There are also many other monuments like the folklore museum, hot springs, the cultural centre… You can the beautiful beaches like Vatera, Nifida and Skala Polichnitou, the Alykes which is a location where salt can be collected. You can admire the flamingos of Kalloni Gulf and you can eat Kalloni’s delicious sardines. I like very much my village!

Panagiotis V.

My village!

My village is Agiasos a small town on the island of Lesvos, North Aegean, Greece. It is located at the foot of mountain Olympos. It is known for its special bright green landscape, its narrow cobbled streets lined by ranks of tiled-roof houses, the traditional architecture and its restless and religious inhabitants. Today it has a great library, a theatre hall, a folklore museum and an active organization which tries to continue the traditions that were passed by the old inhabitants. The best monument that the visitors can see is Panayia of Agiasos. There are many other monuments like The chapel of “Holy Apostles”, the church of the Holy Trinity, the market square, the “Kasteli”, the Folk Art Museum and the Ecclesiastical Museum. It’s a world of fantasy!

Panagiotis V.

My village

My village is Eresos. Eresos is a big village with a big seaside. In the Eresos my family and I go in the summer. In the Eresos we play tennis and football in the seaside with my cousins. My cousins, my sister and I play with woki-toki in the garden. I have a house in Eresos with a big garden. In the garden, we play football, volleyball and basketball. At the summer every day I get up at ten o’clock then I get my bike and go to the sea with my mother. I like going to the Eresos because life in the Eresos is paradise.

Theodore H.

My island

I live on an island called Lesvos. It is near Turkey and it is the 3rd biggest island in our country, Greece. There are a lot of places that you can visit, like the castle of Mytilene. It is on the highest part of the island. Also here you can visit a lot of villages, like Molyvos, Petra, Agiasos and much more. My favourite village is Antissa not only because it is my village but I like it because it has beautiful beaches. I love my island because it is special and unique and I never want to go and live somewhere else!

Christine K.

My village

My village is Eressos. It is a beautiful village. It has endless beaches with a small island adorning its crystal clear waters.Αround the beaches there are many taverns where you can enjoy food. A square in the middle of the village is adorned with many cafes where you can drink your coffee while enjoying the sunset and the view of the island. Behind the cafes, there are a lot of tourist shops where you can buy a souvenir. There are places you can go for walking like Vigla where you can enjoy the panoramic view. I love it very must and I think that I am very lucky to have such a beautiful village.

Angela H.

My Neighbourhood

My name is George and I live in the most beautiful neighbourhood of Mytilene in Epano Skala. My neighbourhood is under the castle of Mytilene and near to the old port. It is quiet, very clean and safe. It has got a lot of houses and most of them have got two floors. Also, there is a park with a lot of trees, a playground and a small church near my neighbourhood. The market with the shops is near too and I can go there by feet. My friends don’t live in my neighbourhood but I play with them at school. What I like the most in my neighbourhood is that I can see the sea from our balcony.

George N.

My island:Lesvos

Hi! My name is Thomas. I am 12 years old and I live on the 3ed largest island in Greece. It is called Lesvos! I live in the capital city, Mytilini. My island has many attractions for tourists. The beaches have crystal clear waters and pebbles. You can swim in the sea and after you can go for ouzo and enjoy food and snacks at a traditional Greek tavern! At noon you can go to a cafe and rest. I love my island, the people and the traditions of my island. Lesvos is a place that you must visit whenever you have the chance.

Thomas K.



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