My home

My home is  medium. I like it because is a normal home like the others.


My house

In my house, there are two bedrooms, one living room, one bathroom and one kitchen. In my bedroom, there is a bed in front of the window, a desk next to the bookcase, and a cupboard next to the door. In the parent’s bedroom, there is a bed behind the window, a cupboard next to the bed and a  bedside cabinet next to the bed. In my living room, there is a big sofa behind the table coffee, a window next to the sofa and three chairs behind the table coffee. In my bathroom, there is a bath next to the door, a toilet next to the bath and a window in front of the bath. In my kitchen, there is a fridge under the wines, a sink behind the wall and a table in front of the chairs.

My new house in Evriaki.

This summer, we came to my new house in Evriaki. It is next to Ariadne hotel and next to the bay of Gera. I swim every day. It is so cool! My house is very big inside and outside. We have a big garden, a dining room, two bathrooms, a kitchen and four living rooms. Outside, the colors are red and yellow, and inside is yellow and white. My room’s colors are orange and green. I love it. My sister’s room and mine are my favorite rooms. A few days ago, we brought our cat Lousi. I love my new summer house and is more beautiful than my house in Mytilene.

My room

My bedroom is big and it has a window. The walls are green and pink.  On the green wall, there are Christmas lights and a bookshelf. My room has two beds. My bed is like a house with a roof. My sister’s bed is white and it has two sheep. There are stickers on the door. A unicorn, stars and two rainbows.

I love my bedroom because it is wonderful.