My holidays in Athens

Last summer we went on holidays to Athens. John came to my house.

After that, we went swimming. In the afternoon we went to the cinema It was a beautiful movie.

At night we went to the restaurant.

The next day we went to the Athens mall and we shopped many things.

The holidays in Athens it was beautiful and exciting.

Holidays 💞💞

Hello I’m Myrsini and i want to tell you about my holidays. I am went to Petra for the summer with my parents. We did much things here. Then we went to the restaurant to eat something tasty and yummy. We leave from the Petra on Sunday. I love to went holidays to Petra!


A gentle wind was blowing through the campsite

A gentle wind was blowing through the campsite as my brother and I put up our tent. We were very tired and we fell asleep. At night a strong wind starts blowing and we get up because we were very scared and we run to see if everyone was okay. Then we see if there were any injures. The wind had stopped and we headed to our tent. The night had passed. When we are walking at the beach we saw in the see our tent! We got socked because we were a lot of kilometers away from our house and our tent was floating in the water. Our friends called the Coast Guards to catch our tent. We saw them going close to the tent and we are very happy. After all the Coast Guards come and gave to us our tent⛺. Then we thanked them and we went back to the campsite.

Emmas holiday!

It was a hot sunny summer’s day as Emma and her family sailed out of the harbour.Emma was excited about their trip but it hid many dangers. Suddenly the weather changed and there were big waves and they got scared.As they were sailing the boat kept rocking ..Emma and her family were sitting on the boat looking out and Emma’s brother fell down and broke his arm.They could not go back because there were big waves and they were far away  from the port.After a while the sea began to calm down and the captain turned the boat around and they headed back to the port.Emma’s brother was in terrible pain but fortunately they arrived back safely and there was an ambulance waiting for him.It was an experience the whole family will never forget!!

Holiday problems

The holidays which you would never want to have

Τhis year, in summer, we started to go for holidays. Well, two days before our holidays, i had did stitches in my hand and i wasn’ t so exiting. When we had arrived in the middle of the route for the airport,  i realized that i didn’t have my phone in my hands and i started to looking for that, until i remembered that i had forgotten it at my home and we went at home for my phone. When we went to the airport, we saw the airplane to took off and we bought other tickets. Finally, we went for holidays. This place it was a very big town and such as everyone, we got lost. Also, when we tried to looked the right route, the car broke down, but in the end, we found a man and he helped us with all. But this holidays were the worst of all!!!

My holidays

Hi! Mr Mike. How are you?

Last year’s summer I went to the Greek island,  Kos. I went with my parents and my sister. We travelled by ship and it was exciting! We stayed in a fantastic hotel and it had a big pool. We went to the beach on Kos. It was fantastic! I went to the big white building and visited the museum. I had a great time!

Your student, Maritina.


Hi Nick

I want to tell you about my summer holidays. A month ago my parents and I wanted to spend our holidays to Maldives.

So this year it is high season for flights. In the beginning I thought about business class. But we decided to take economy class. When we arrived at the airport are pressed for time cause we had only twenty minutes. Maldives is a far – flung location and very famous.

Our flight was directed so I had time to kill. It was a nine hours flight. Fortunately the airline had flight meal so yeah we had food and it was impeccable. To my bad luck when we arrived to Maldives the airplane had a bumpy landing and all the people are overhelmed by this land.

Anyway so after a day we went to see the sea and other different places. This holidays is the best of my life.


Hi Mr Mike,
My holidays were amazing, I went to Molyvos, I was there with my family.

There’re a lot of things that I can say that were amazing but the most one was parachuting, so one day me and one friend of mine thought that it was a great idea to go and so we went to the hotel with that water sport to trie it out. We were standing next to each other and the boat started to go away so we can get off the ground. While we were in the sky it was AMAZING. It was like I had the ability to fly, I’ll never forget something like that.

Some other highlights are that me and my friends did a sleepover and we’re gonna do another one, I learned how to do a backflip and I made my frontflip better. Also, I went cycling which contended drops, jumps, getting up a hill and getting down one and a lot of wheeles and endos.

This summer is amazing despite coronavirus and the great part is that it’s not even finished.
See you soon,
Stratos k.

Summer Holidays!

Hello guys! How are things going? I hope you’re well!!! Today I want to talk about my summer holidays. First of all, my summer holidays were lots fun! A first, we were swimming every day at a beach near our house, at the airport. It was very hot!!! This continued for one week and on 23rd July my brother and I we went to Agiasos, my grandmother’s village, and we stayed there about two weeks. The climate there was better because all day there was a gentle wind and in the evening the wind was strong and sometimes it was very cold. But my holidays in Agiasos weren’t very exciting because I haven’t got any friends there so I was always to be with my grandmother and sometimes without my brother because he has some friends there and he was often with them. When we came back to Mytilene we all decided to tour the island so we could have more fun! We visited a lot of places like Molyvos, Ancient Adissa, Vatera, Nifida, Chonia, Hrisi Ammos and many more beautiful places like these. Generally, my summer hlodays were a lot fun and I saw many secret places. Now I’m looking forward to see you again!!!

My summer holidays

Hi Mr Mike,

Three weeks ago I went with my family on a trip to Budapest in the capital of Hungry we had decided to go on a trip this summer a long time ago.

We were four people: my dad, my mum and my little sister. We started from Mytilini we took a plane to Athens where we had 4 hours to wait and then we went to Budapest. We stayed there for about two weeks in an Airbnb.

We actually did lot’s of things like we saw Dounavis river maybe the biggest river in Europe. We went to a zoo and I saw animals that I have never seen before. Also, we visited a large shopping centre and we ate food from McDonald’s, KFC and pizza hut that was delicious. But for me, the best part of the trip was when we went to a big waterpark with lots of scary and interesting waterslides and indoor pools, we stayed there all day and we had an amazing time.

I loved these holidays and I would like to visit this place again.

See you soon,

Mike V.

The adventurous holidays

There are two friends, Daniel and Mike. One day Daniel visited Mike to travel by boat. Some days later, they were preparing the boat. When the boat was ready, they started the journey. Suddenly they crashed into dry land. Daniel was trying to call but his battery ran out. At the same time, a cruise ship was passing by. The cruise ship saw Daniel and Mike and sent a boat to rescue them. When the boat arrived to dry land near it there is a shark. Daniel and Mike did as fast as they could but the shark bit the boat and the boat broke. Later Daniel, Mike and the driver of the damaged boat swam on the cruise ship and were happily saved. A week later Daniel and Mike returned home. And since then they have not travelled alone.

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