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europe disneyland

Hi MR Mike!

I went to Europe Disneyland and it was amazing. It was hot and sunny. We went sightseeing and I saw Mickey Mouse and Minnie. I went to the Disneyland train. I stayed at the Disneyland hotel. Breakfast was fantastic. What about you? How has your holiday?

Your student Maritina Disneyland!

A Summer Trip to Vatera

Last weekend I went to Vatera with my dad, my grandma, my cousin👧 and my aunt.
When we arrived at our country house, we planted some rosebushes🌹 and we watered the trees🌳 . 
After that we went to the beach. The sea was calm and very warm. 
We swam and we played on the beach🤿.We ate in a tavern🥩🍨 and then we returned home. 
It was a fantastic day🙂!!!

Holidays this Summer

This Summer my family and I will go to Lymnos for holidays. We will go to the ship to leave from Mitilini. When we enter Lymno we will go to the hotel to see our room and to leave our bags. Then we will go to the beach to swim. After 8 days we will go to the ship to go back to Mitilini. And this is my holiday this Summer.