My holiday

Hello Maria ! 

I hope you are fine. Today was the last day at school. And my family and I decided to go on holidays of to Kefallonia tomorrow.  We have made some plans . For what we will do. First we go to the lake Mellisani the next day we will go Argostoli and finally we’ll  go the best beach Kefallonia in Milto a great time .Thank tou !!!

Niki 🤠

My holiday in Cyprus

Hi, Myrsini. Nice to see you. How was your holiday?

It was great, thanks. We went to Cyprus.

Oh! What was the weather like?

It was very sunny.

What did you do there?

We went to the beach and we visited our relatives.

Wow! Lucky you!

My Dream Holidays

Hi,Eua !

I am with my friends in Spain 🇪🇦🇪🇦.The wather is great very hot and sunny.There??Now i am with my friends in the beach 🏖️⛱️.Its greeeat!!We are eating fruit salad,ice cream and drink 🍹🍸 cocktails.Tomorrow we are going to visits my favourite singer 🤍🤍😍”ADEXE AND NAU”😘I LOVE THEEEEM!!

What are you doing now?Are you having fun?🤍❤️🤍

Write back soon!!💜💙💛💚🧡❤️🤍Egla!!


My house

In my house there are ten rooms. In my  bedroom there is one bed, there is desk and  a chair, there is a lamp on the desk  and white mat .


name chris

An email to a friend about my holiday

Hi Therapia!

How are you? What are you doing? I am in Cyprus with my family. We are at the beach and I am swimming. Now I have my lunch and my brother with my little cousin are playing with the sand. I am very happy! How are you doing? Are you having a nice time in Crete?

See you soon in Mytilene,


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