My 5 a day

I like fruit and vegetables a lot! I like bananas,oranges and strawberries. I like carrots and cucumbers too! Eat five fruit and vegetables every day!It’s the healthy way.

My hobby

It’s been one year that I have started Karate. Karate is an interesting martial art. We learn how to protect ourselves from dangerous people. We have  lesson three times a week. My teacher is a little strict . The belts that Karate includes are 7. The white belt,that you take it when you start , th yellow belt,the orange belt, the green belt, the blue belt ,the purple belt and the brown belt. I have the orange belt. I really like Karate because it helps me protect myself and exercise my body often . I want to take the brown belt and then the first Dan of the black belt!!

Just dance

My favourite hobby is playing Just dance. Just dance is a PlayStation game where I dance. I see the dancers and I make the moves. I collect points and stars 1,2,3,4,5, superstar a megastar. I have Just dance 2018, 2019 and 2020. I can’t wait for Just dance 2021. I have many songs to dance, for example “Seven rings“, “Fancy”, “Side to side”, “Despacito”, “Rich girl” and more…

Why it is important to have hobbies!!!

Hobbies are so great. Some hobbies are relaxing, challeging or even strange. But some hobbies are stressful and dengerous.

There are a lot of hobbies which suit our character. For example, playing chess. The chess helps people clear their mind and use strangedy. Another example is drawing which helps us become more creative!

We need hobbies because without hobbies we do not have knowledge. Hobbies relieve stress, help you express yourself, teach you to be patient or help you make many friends!!

Thats why, we need to do hobbies for our body, to be social, patient or creative.


I have many hobbies but my favourite hobby is volleyball.Volleyball is a diffcult sport to play but it helps me to forget my problems and my stress that I have with my lessons.

In volleyball I play in the position of passing the ball.It is a very difficult position beacause you must have a goal and you must be very smart to make perfect moves.Volleyball is playeed with a ball on the volleyball court which consists of 6 players…

I started playing volleyball because my best friend Dimitra told me that she would start and because I was very curious I said that I would try it.It was a very brave move for me because I had never played this sport before.When I went I loved it from the first minute and now I am still playing and I don’t intend to stop it!

I think that is the perfect hobby for me because is exciting and fast-moving sport.I can’t imagine my life without it!


My hobby

Doing your favourite hobby is a great way to relax. My hobby is volleyball. It´s a difficult hobby to play. Volleyball needs 6 players for every team. You need practice to learn to play this sport. The rules for this sport are: the ball must pass over the net and touch on the side off opposing, the must not pass the court line. I think, volleyball, is the perfect hobby for me because it´s fast-moving and tiring and i like it. Also, i love the way is played. Can you imagine your life without a hobby?


In my free time I always play computer games. I have been playing computer games from early age . I like playing computer games because every game is different. I like two games. The first game is  ”brawl stars”  . In this game there are eleven modes and a separate mode and there are players who have max brawlers . Sometimes in this game there are big updates and mini updates and these are balance changes . these updates reduce and increase health and the power of the guns. The second game is ”Frag Pro Shooter” . This game has more strategic . You have a team and level up your players . There are four modes . The positions are five: defence, camp, center, wildcard and attack. The purpose is to destroy the bases and unlock the tower of the enemy to destroy it . I spend my free time playing these games because they are a lot fun and endless.


My favourite hobby is dancing i like it because you dance with music.This hobby gives you energy and makes you happy.Its not boring.You dance in front of a mirror,th teacher is in the

middle and the music is very loud.I like it because i used to go and i used to love dancing a lot and for me it is fun.My life without dancing will be a bit boring .


Doing your favourite hobby is a great way to relax.My hobby is candle making.It is an easy hobby to do.I think for me is the perfect hobby because I am a creative person and I relax when I make candles because it is not a fast moving hobby.Can you imagine your life without a hobby?

My hobby!

My hobby is ping pong! We must have a racket, a small ball and a big table, but in the middle of the we put a ping pong net. You play with two players or four if you want to play a team game. You hold the racket with whichever hand you want and we hit the ball on the other side of the net. When the ball doesn’t hit on the other side, the game ends and you are the loser. I like it because it is a very demanding sport and fast-moving. It is a very easy game. Also, I want to be a professional player like XU Xin who is my favourite ping pong player.



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