Halloween is a celebration on 31st of October and it is celebrated in a lot of countries some of them being: China, Dubai, Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, U.K, Canada, the U.S.A, Mexico.

In America, the tradition is celebrated by people dressed up with scary costumes and children going from house to house knocking on the doors saying ”Trick or Treat” hoping to have their bags full of candy at the end of the day. They also carve pumpkins with faces and put candles on the inside so they light up making them scary at night.

In Europe they celebrate Halloween pretty much the same, they carve pumpkins, they dress up, they go Trick or Treating and tell scary stories. They also do a lot of events and celebrate the Irish tradition of Jack o ‘Lantern . Not a lot of countries celebrate Halloween, in fact, there are only 14 countries that celebrate it.

In Asia the way they celebrate is just a little different in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore they go all out with pumpkins but is Thailand and Vietnam, any vegetable will do if it keeps its shape. Trick or Treating is for the kids while costumes are for adults. They don’t really decorate but they have a lot of terrifying stories.


Halloween is celebrated on the 31st of October . The children knock on the doors and ask for a trick or treat . The kinds are dressed as something scary . The hos are decorated with pumpikins , skeletons and gohosts . Every house gives sweets or money  to the children . Children go from house to house to collect a lot of sweets . I love halloween very much !!!!!


spooky season 🎃🕸️👻

Halloween is a celebration many countries celebrate on the 31st of October. Many theories exist to explain where Halloween came from. Some say it was a Christian holiday while others say it is from the ancient Celtic harvest festivals. Halloween activities include trick or treating, dressing up with scary costumes, carving pumpkins into jack-o-lantern, lighting bonfires, apple bobbing, playing pranks, visiting haunted attractions, telling scary stories as well as watching horror films. There are also theories that people dress up scary because it will scare the ghosts away.


Halloween is a traditional celebration that began in Europe hundreds of years ago. At that time, some people believed that ghosts of dead people visited living people. Nowadays it is a special day in several countries around the world, but it is perhaps most popular in Canada and the United States. It always falls on the same date every year: October 31. Around this time, people like to tell scary stories and watch horror movies. In the evening of October 31, children wear costumes. Children go to from to house. Asking <Trick or Treat>. And the people give the children a lot of candy. I LOVE YOU HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.



Halloween is celebrated on 31st October. Halloween activities are Trick-or-Treat, Halloween costume parties, games, playing pranks, visiting haunted attractions, telling scary stories and watching horror films. Halloween costumes are modelled after supernatural figures. Some supernatural figures are vampires, skeletons, ghosts, monsters and witches.

Halloween is usually celebrated with family and friends. Parties and other events may be planned on 31st October or in the weekends before and after this date. Adults may celebrate by watching horror films, holding costume parties or creating haunted houses. Many children dress up in costumes and visit other homes in the neighbourhood. At each house, they ask for sweets, snacks or small gifts. If they don’t get this, they threaten to do some harm to the owners of the house. This is known as playing “Trick-or-Treat”.

The Covid-19 pandemic is putting a damper on traditional Trick-or-Treat this year, a disappointment for kids and candy lovers alike. For candy companies, Halloween is the biggest season for sales and the pandemic stopped this.

The haunted doll

A thousand years ago, there was a person named Alexa that she gave dolls to the children. One of these dolls was haunted. A girl who took the doll had no idea that the doll was haunted. She went to her mums work and she played with the doll. When the doll opened and close her eyes the girl was dead. Her mum was shocked. She left only for a minute and her daughter was dead. When mum picks the doll she looked at her eyes and after 10 minutes she was dead too. The other people that they were there, picked the doll and they don’t look at her eyes so they gave her to a museum. After a thousand years when a thousand people went to this museum a person named Stefan went near the doll and he was The doll down. After 20 minutes he was dead by a car accident. They don’t know yet how the accident was.


About Halloween 👻

Both the USA and Canada celebrate Halloween on 31st October. Some parts of Europe organize parties, too! It comes from a Celtic festival, the “Samhain”. Halloween originates from the phrase “Al-hallow-even” that means the eve of the All Saints Day.

In Ireland, they carve radishes, potatoes and pumpkins, put a candle inside and place them near windows, to keep evil spirits away.

In the USA, the children wear costumes and go from house to house asking: “Trick or Treat?”. Most people give them sweets, chocolates and lollipops.

The scythe, the pumpkin called Jack-o-Lantern and the lantern symbolize Halloween.



Halloween is a holiday celebrated on 31st  October in many countries. The word Halloween seems to come from the eve of the feast of All Saints – All Hallow Eve. It is believed to be a metaphor for the celebration of the god of the Underworld, worshiped, among others, by the ancient Celts.

History of Halloween

The roots of the holiday are said to be in Celtic traditions, specifically in the Samhain celebrations, which in Old Irish means “end of summer”. The Celts on 31st  October celebrated the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. Tradition says that on this day we come closer to the “other world”, that we can come in contact with spirits and the dead.

How Halloween is celebrated in America

The day of Halloween all houses in America are decorated by scary objects. But the traditional decoration is Jack-o’-lantern that is a carved pumpkin. On this day  children get dressed with scary costumes (witches, ghosts etc.) visit the houses of their neighborhood  and knock on the doors saying “Trick or Treat” hoping to give them candies.

Colors of Halloween

The colors of Halloween are orange and black. Orange symbolizes the autumn harvest and black symbolizes death and, in general, the “other world”.

Halloween in Europe

Halloween started in Europe, but is now known to the world through American culture. The immigration of Irish and Scots in the 19th century made the holiday popular.



  • Halloween is the dat of dead people! People have created a day when dead people’s spirits and all the creepy creatures “celebrate”. It sounds weird and it is !


  • The day which we celebrate Halloween is the 31st of October
  • People from a lot of countries celebrate but not as many in Europe and it is so sad because Halloween is a very nice celebration

                   WHAT DO WE DO IN HALLOWEEN👻 🍬

  • In Halloween kids dress up like something scary (ghost,zombies,vampires etc.) and the night of Halloween they go out knock on peoples doors and ask ” trick or treat” if the owner of the house answers “treat” he  should give some treats to the kids but if you doesn’t answer….. a prank is waiting for him
  • Mums or dads decorate the house, the garden and they cut a pumpkin with a shape of an angry/scary face, that tradition is named Jack O’Lantern.             



Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween is celebrated on the night of October 31st, when young children are dressed as something “scary” and visit homes collecting lots of sweets, as a “Trick or Treat”. Trick or Treat is a traditional Halloween  custom for children and adults. In the evening, children go from house to house, asking “Trick or Treat”. If the host says Treat, he gives the children  sweets,  if he says Trick , you must do a Trick to scare him.The symbol of the celebration is the pumpkin which is cut so that it takes a human form while inside the pumpkin is a lighted candle. The pumpkin is connected to a story about cunning Jack.


Like many other holidays, Halloween has changed throughout history. They believed that the night of October 31 was a time when the living and the dead came together. Children go to the houses and they say trik or treap and they get sweets or lollipop. They wear scary costumes and they hold a busket and then they go to the houses. And then they leave they say: Happy Halloween.

spooky season 🎃👻

Halloween is a celebration celebrated on 31 of October. People dress up scary and have fun trick or treating. People say that Halloween was first a Cristian holiday. Also at Halloween people carve pumpkins into jack-o-lantern, watch scary movies, tell scary stories, and apple bobbing. Halloween is a very fun celebration day and I really like doing the activities of Halloween.

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