Halloween is a holiday celebration on October 31.Halloween celebrate all over the world. In Halloween people dress up and the kids go door to door,  said “trick or treat” and collect sweets 🍭🧁🍬🍰.People do bonfire’s too.


A Halloween Story

So you know everyone thinks that Halloween and the whole thing is just for kids having fun and stuff. That’s what I thought too until this Halloween-. So this Halloween was pretty different because of the covid-19 and i couldn’t go for trick or treat with my friends this year. So i decided to call some of my best friends and watch horror movies and stuff. We would have a sleepover and it would be fun. But something really weird happened! We watched a movie and then we decided to try the tik tok trend “Take This Lollipop “. A lot of people that did this said that weird tgings happend to them after doing this. So we did it to see what is going to. During this lights started flickering and blinking we got that scared that after this we decided to sleep together. THE END

Fake Witch

Fake Witch

  Once upon a time in the forest lived an evil witch in a big and scary house. One day two kids went for witch hoyse for trick or treat, When kids went the knocked on the door witch open the door:

-Trick or treat choose!

  The kids were so scared and after about two minutes:

-You are a real witch?

-No, I am disguised witch to scared you, haha you are so scared!!!

-You are a fake witch, ok we want to make farce to you.

  The kids left this house and went to buy things to make a farce on the house of a fake witch. They buy paper, eggs, spray foam and more thinks and they went to the house of a fake witch. When they went it is night and start to work the farce. They threw the eggs in the windows, threw the paper on the roof and when the man who had become a witch came out, the foam was thrown out and he was sprayed. And kids said:

-Happy Halloween



Halloween 🎃

Halloween is celebrated on the night of 31st of October. When young children usually disguise themselves in something scary and visit homes collecting lots of sweets, an action known as Trick or Treat.

This holiday is a tradition. Halloween is for all ages and everyone enjoys  having parties .

Halloween is celebrated all over the world. The children  go-to houses and ask Trick or Treat when the owner says Trick the children do a trick and when he says Treat the owner has to give sweets to the children.The pumpkins are carved and inside of the pumpkin, they put candles.

Happy Halloween



the spooky story

It was a dark, chilly night. The full moon was out and I decided to go for a walk. It looked like it was about to rain so I quickly grabbed an umbrella and left. I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go so I just
started walking until I saw a very big and spooky mansion which has abandoned. The only thing that remained were ruins. Curiosity took hold of me and I couldn’t help going into that mansion. When I went through what was left of the door, the atmosphere was spooky. I felt chills run up and down my spine. Suddenly I heard a blood curling scream. I didn’t know what to do, so I started running in the opposite direction, and because I couldn’t find the door, I jumped through the nearest window. I still don’t know what that sound was, but ill never forget it…


Halloween is a celebration on 31st October. People decorate their houses with pumpkins, cobwebs, witches and lot of other scary things. Trick or Treat is a celebration for children. Children go dressed in costumes from house to house, asking for treats such as candy and sometimes money. The food that the people eat are:candy apples, cakes, pumpkins and lot of meat. They also remember the dead and mainly the death of Jack-o-latern.


In a dark, dark village

In a dark, dark village

there was a dark, dark house.

In the dark, dark house

there was a dark, darkroom.

In the dark, dark room

there was a dark, dark cupboard.

In the dark, dark cupboard

there was a dark, dark coffin.

In the dark, dark coffin

there was a dark, dark crystal ball.

In the dark, dark crystal ball

there was a dark, dark GHOST!!!


Halloween is celebrated on the night of October 31st when young children usually dress up in something “scary” and visit homes collecting lots of sweets. The pumpkin custom has its roots in the old Irish myth of Jack. On Halloween, pumpkins are carved into scary faces which are called Jack-o-lanterns because they put candles inside. Everybody has a great time having fun at parties scaring each other and playing games. Many like watching scary movies and listening to spooky stories. Halloween is a tradition that everyone enjoys.


”Halloween” is celebrated the  night of October 31st.

During that small kids dress up as something scary.

They visit their neighbours houses saying ” Trick or Treat” and collecting candies.

The most popular feature of Halloween is the ”Pumpkin Lantern” that looks skary or funny.

The Custom of the pumpkin has its roots in an old Irish myth of Jack o Lantern.

Jack was naughty and stingy and he invited the Devil to have a drink with him but Jack

didnt want to pay his drinks so he made the Devil changeto a coin but Jack instead of

paying the drinks he put the coin in his pocket.



Ireland with celtic history is pretty much the birthplace of Halloween.  In modern Ireland and Scotland the Halloween traditions are still going strong. Halloween games and bonfires are part of the celebration there, but the most interesting tradition might be the barmbrack bread. This pastry is baked with hidden items inside, like rings and coins. According to the items you find in your slice of barmbrack it will tell you your future holds. That’s how Ireland and Scotland celebrate Halloween.

Another (a spooky story)

Once upon a time, it was a boy who removed to Tokyo and changed school. At first, everyone was kind and good with him, but when he met a girl, who was very different from the other classmates, everything changed. This girl was very shy and she had not friends and every time someone called her name he died. So everyone ignored her. The girl, Misaki Mei, was not a bad person, but the school that they went was cursed because someone around them was dead but everyone could see him and if they did not find the dead student, every month a student would die. So everyone started to kill everybody to find the real dead who was in the school to stop this curse in the school.


Halloween is celebrated on 31 st october every year.In many coyntries.Celebrations of halloween are Trick or Treat,costumes parties the making of jack lanters,lighting bonfires,apple bobbing and.Many halloween traditions have been influenced by ancient celtic harvest festivals.I love this celebration.I like the costumes of f.b.i. with maske and doing pranks with my friends.                                                                                                              kostas karaklas.



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