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UNO, the most fun experience.

Last night I was playing UNO with my bigger brother. He introduced to me a new set of rules for the best board game ever made UNO. The changes were very simple, you had to keep drawing until you can play. Playing the number 0 or 7 would make us swap cards. There was a time on the second round, where I drawed most of the deck. My brother was laughing soo hard that I couldn’t control myself either.

Every time I played a card, it was a close call. But my brother was so lucky. In the end he sent me to the shadow realm. He is after all the king of duels.

My favourite electronic game!📱

My favourite electronic game is the Dancing road! In this game you will do match the colour ball with another ball witch has the same colour as it! When you play this game a song is heard! I like this game because I like the songs it has! I love this game!

Anna M.

Do you know how to play Uno?

Do you know how to play Uno? The answer is yes. But, do you know how to play Uno on the Internet? My sister told me an app named, Uno. As soon as, I installed it, I liked it. Uno (on the Internet) is playing only four players. You can play alone or with teammates. If you win, you get money from losers. Also, Uno app has contests. You can change the colour of the cards, too. My favourite track is “wild weekend” because it hides many surprises. I liked Uno on the Internet and I will never delete it from my phone.

My super cool xbox!

One day, our dad bought us a console. My sister and I loved it. We do gymnastics, we play Forza horizon, we watch movies on Netflix or on youtube. My console is xbox360. It has a camera to see us when we do gymnastics. Also, it has a remote control. The Xbox 360 has characters that you can dress up or change the colour of their eyes and hair. Μy sister and I have done for all my family. I am glad that we have a console to play or to watch movies and I don’t want to buy a new console.

Is gamification meaningful?

Gamification is undeniable one of the most exciting ways to learn. Especially, this period with quarantine, we used the way of gamification to learn or revise things to the children. But a question that most parents and some teachers make; is gamification meaningful?
Firstly, gamification is a way to learn easer everything needs to learn. Similarly, is the easer and most exciting way to do our revises or our homework. Likewise, in this way, people of all ages can learn new languages. Also, this way help our self-improvement. What I mean with that? Gamification helps us achieving success but hard work and study are needed.
Something essential that all people but especially children need to understand is that they play games to improve their skills not to become antisocial. Gamification turns a task, whether it’s learning into a rewarding experience and with the competitive element that makes the game exciting but there are children that they can not understand that. What we can do to reduce this? We need to explain to those people that the mean of the gamification is not always trying to win the other but to try being better or learn from the game new things or to remember things we have forgot as like revisions with a most exciting way.
In conclusion, gamification helps us in a lot of parts but we need to know what is the time to stop, take a break and start again because as technology have radical results in our life and gamification have bad results to us if we do not know how to use it right.

My favourite video game

My favourite video game is Lego races 1. I play it at the weekends with the controller of the play station 2 and 3. Lego races is an action/adventure game and the game is about races and you pick a car and have the race with all the cars of the game. If you win you will advance a level. You can throw a bump and go faster when you get a lego green or red. You can do ‘cruifault’ race-time race and built race. I like it because lego races is my favourite game.

A live quiz!

Hi Mike,
How are you? I hope you’re well! In this e-mail, I want to tell you about my experience. You’ll ask: what experience? Wait, wait! Don’t be impatient! I’ll tell you: Today, in the morning I read a notification on social media. I was writing about a live quiz which as in the afternoon. I was very surprised. I said “I’ll have fun”, so I decided to take part in this quiz. The quiz was at 7:00 o’clock in the afternoon. At half-past six I realized that I didn’t know the link to do it. I was very nervous but still, my forces hadn’t run out so I kept on trying to find out from where could I do this quiz. Finally, I saw a link and I clicked on it. It was the quiz. I was very happy. I think this quiz had 10 rounds. In this quiz, you don’t have only to think but you must be quick too. One of its advantages is that it is very fun. I won’t tell you anything else. Do it and find out other from its advantages.
Your friend

God Of War

Hi bloggers. My name is Pashalis and I gonna say for one game and is like a real story. The name of the game is God Of War. On the God Of War, the character is one and his name is Kratos. Kratos is the son of the Zeus. Kratos has from Sparti and when goes to sparti he calls Ghost Of Sparta. Kratos is one child and his father wants to kill him and the Kratos wants to take revenge from the Zeus. Kratos has killed all of them like Poseidon, Hercules and others. At the and he completes what he wants and kills his father Zeus and the Athina was dead from Kratos due to Zeus and has taken revenge and after that Kratos was committed suicide.

Pashalis d.


Hello, guys! My name is Jim and I tell you about Minecraft. One of my favourites games is Minecraft. In this game, I can build everything I want. I like to play Minecraft with my sisters or my friend, Thomas. You can play Survival or Creative. On Survival must survive for zombies, skeletons and other monsters but on Creative you have all the blocks in Minecraft. Minecraft consists of boxes, in addition to food and some other special things. With blocks, you build everything you want. You should download this game because is very interesting and unique.

Jim N.

My favourite video game

My favourite video game is fortnite battle royale. This game has a lobby you have to select a game mode solo, duos, squads and other game modes. When you go to the game you are in a bus with a hundred people and you land in the world. Then you have to find weapons and healings to kill other people. When you are the most people in the match you get the victory royale. After you finish the match you return to the lobby. The game has a battle pass and item shop the battle pass has skins, backpacks, wraps for weapons, pickaxes, gliders and emotes. The item shop has the same things to buy but a battle pass does 950 v-bucks to buy or 2.800 v-bucks to buy 25 tiers.The item shop has different things with 100,200,300,400,500,700,800,1000,1200,1500 and 2000 v-bucks.

John L.


My two favourite characters for a game called free fire is Hayato and Miguel. Miguel is26 years old and is a well-rounded Elite Soldier in the Special Forces. As a leader of his squad, Miguel and his team have sent numerous criminals into custody. He does not care about how hard the mission is, as long as he can provide justice. However, after a failed operation 6 months ago, he realized that he was betrayed by his trusted allies. Hayato is 20 years old and is a kid from a legendary Samurai family. Being the only child means that hayato needs to carry on the family tradition and curse…This young samurai has a secret nobody else can know…For this, hayato is willing to give up his life. I like this character because is very strong.

Apostolis M.