My smartwatch!

I love my smartwatch! My uncle bought it for me last summer. The model of my smartwatch is Fitbit charge 2. Last week, I bought a new strap. It has pulse measurement, calorie measurement, timer, daily mileage, stair measurement, and alarm clock. It has a blue colour and it is waterproof. It has a good and strong battery. I only charge for half an hour. Ιts battery lasts for one week. I love it because it reminds me of my uncle who lives in France.


My favourite gadget is my PLAYSTATION 4 why with this I listen and speak with my friends every day. My PLAYSTATION is not very big but have 1 TERA and playing very different games for example Fortnite. I and my friends often download new games for play together. This is the blog post thanks for ride it bue bloggers

Argiris D.

Mobile phone

Did you know that there are over 5 billion phones in the world; mobile are more commonly used in our work to communicate with other people, to carry out difficult or repetitive tasks. However, people do not always agree on whether using phones is a good thing.
There are a number of benefits to using phones. Mobile use increases efficiency so you don’t have to go out to pay your bills but you can do it online and factories are able to promote new electronics faster and easier. Moreover, the number of employees needed to do a task is reduced. Therefore profits increase for the company.
However, the use of phones has its drawbacks. For one thing, phones tend to be quite expensive to buy and maintain. As a result, large financial investments are required. In addition, the use of mobile phones means that there are fewer obligations for a person.
To conclude, although there are disadvantages to using phones, I believe that the benefits far outweigh them. Technology is an important part of our world today and if we use it wisely, our daily lives will be easier and less stressful.

afrodite l.

My favourite device

My favourite device is my mp3 player. My parents bought it because I have the best elec points at my school. My mp3 player has a timer, calendar, music and etc. I have one hundred songs in my mp3 player. In my free time in the weekend, I like listening to music. I download songs from my PC. My favourite song is bad liar. When I do tae-kwon-do my teacher take to listen music. When my sister and I listen to music we dancing and do karaoke. My favourite song is I am so sorry. My favourite bad is imagined is imagine dragons. My favourite artist is bruno mars. I love my mp3 player very much!!

Theodore h.



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