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My Favourite Summer Fruit 🍉

My favourite summer fruit is Watermelon 🍉. It is green on the outside and red inside with little black seeds. Its shape is round and sometimes it is very big. It contains a large amount of water. Also, it is rich in vitamin C. I eat it when I am very thirsty. Ι love watermelon because it is cool and delicious!!🍉

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver was born 27th of May 1975 in Clavering (England). He is a British chef and restaurateur. He is known for his approachable cuisine, which has led him to front numerous television shows and open many restaurants.

Mike M.

My favourite dish

My favourite dish is doughnuts because it has beautiful colours and nice decoration. I make this recipe with my mum and my dad. The ingredients are butter, sugar, eggs, milk and flour. First, beat the butter and sugar. After that add the eggs the milk and the flour. Then mix it for two minutes. Cut them in small pieces and fry them for two minutes. Doughnuts are tasty!!!

Why have young people’s eating habits become so unbalanced? What could parents and teachers do to ensure young people have healthier diet?

Nowadays, teenagers face a lot of eating disorders like obesity or anorexia nervosa. The question is why are people’s eating habits becoming so unbalanced?  also, another question that parents have is what they can do to ensure young people have healthier diets?

One of the reasons that teen’s eating habits are not balanced is that they care about their appearance a lot. For example, the girls don’t eat a lot because they want to be fit. This has as a result that the girls do not eat as much as they should and suffer from anorexia nervosa. Another reason is that some teens like the taste of food and eating a lot. For instance, many kids like sweets or fast food and eat too much of them, resulting in gaining a lot of weight and making healthy problems like obesity.

Moreover, parents ask doctors what they need to do to ensure young people have healthier diets. Something that they can do is to teach kids to eat all kinds of food. For example, kids need to learn to eat healthy and right from a very young age. This has as a result that the right way of eating has become habits and is more difficult to change it. Also, teachers can help with this. For instance, they can talk to kids about how they can eat healthy with projects or videos with the result that kids learn how to eat healthy in an interesting way.

In conclusion, with a balanced diet and knows the right way to eat healthy, teens can stop suffering from eating disorders.

My favourite summer fruit🍈

My favourite summer fruit is melon 🍈! It is sweet and soft for teeth! Its colour is green outside, and yellow with some green inside. We eat it in summer when outside is hot! I like it because it is soft and it has a great taste!!! I love you melon!

Anna M.

Healthy and Unhealthy food

Healthy food
It is very important to eat healthily. Some healthy foods are fruits and vegetables because they have got lots of vitamins. Bread, rice, potatoes and pasta gives us the energy we need. Meat, yoghurt, cheese, eggs and milk give us the protein for our bodies and teeth.
Unhealthy FOOD.
Biscuits, crisps, cakes, sweets, chocolates coffee, pizza, sugar drinks are unhealthy food but we love to eat all of them…
Senior A Jhon Lalos

Healthy eating is cool!

The Mediterranean diet is the best because it is rich in foods that give us energy and longevity. Such foods are fruits, cereals, vegetables,  fish, nuts and olive oil. It does not have fats, sweets, soft drinks, sugar, chips and lots of dairy.

The food in coronovirus days!

Hi Anna,
How are things there in Perou? I hope you’ll manage to get through this virus? Here in Greece we have many cases and dead people but this isn’t the basic subject of my e-mail. In this e-mail I want to ask you about the food which you are eating these days that you are in your houses. Here the traditional food are: giouvarlakia, dolmadakia, tomato salad, spinach pie and more… Here also these days we have to not go often to the supermarket. My family goes to the supermarket every two weeks. It’s very difficult! What do you eat there in Perou? How often do you go to the supermarket?
Let me know,
Your pen friend Panagiotis


Very popular fruits from the citrus family. They took their name from their orange colour and they are the most known and favourite fruits all over the world. They can be eaten fresh or they can give juice, which is an important part of breakfast. Also, the fruits can be used in cooking, giving their special flavour and aroma to many recipes. They can be used as decoration on cakes and of course, they give a delicious jam.
Most of the people eat an orange or drink orange juice every day. Oranges are a very good source of vitamin C, which helps the body grow and fights infections.
In tradition oranges are the symbol of love and marriage in many cultures as in South America and Asia and orange is the colour of optimism.

Apostolos M.