favourite place

Candy city by Zoe

I would like to live in a candy town.

With lollipops trees ,sea of chocolate ,benches of caramel, grass of sprinkles ,boats of watermelon and bushes of cotton candy.

I would love to live in that city because I like sweets and it would be a place with so many colors and flavors.


My favourite building

Hello! I’m Mirsini and my favourite building is “JUMBO”. I like it because it has got many toys and because it is big. It has got everything I want. See you there 😉

Mirsini M.

My favourite building

My favourite building is the shopping center because I buy clothes and I eat tasty food.I’m very sad because Lesvos hasn’t got a shopping  center but when I travel in Athens I visit the shopping center and have fun.I like the shopping center!!!

My favourite place

My favourite building is the shopping centre because I buy clothes, shoes and I eat tasty food. I’m very sad because Lesvos hasn’t got a shopping centre but when I travel to Athens I visit the shopping centre and have fan. I really like the shopping centres!!!

A trip to france

This year I will go to France for the holidays. I will go to see the Eiffel tower and to see the Louvre Museum and to go to eat crepe and other sweets. Then I will go to see my pen friend Arthur. Then I will go to the park to play football with my friend. After I will go to the ship to go back to my country.

Hi France!

Hi Thomas!
My family and I went to France for 3 days. Today, we will go to the Eiffel Tower and we will eat ice cream because, here in Paris, the weather is very hot!
Tomorrow, we will go to Notre Dame and the Louvre Museum. Also, we will go to the beautiful Disneyland. I always wanted to go to Disneyland.
The next day, we will go to the shield of triumph and the Seine River. What about you? What are you doing in Mytilene? I hope you come to France one day.

I am waiting for an answer

Your best friend Dimitris!

My favourite country

My favourite country is Paris. Paris is famous because it has the Eiffel Tower. I just like it because it has the Eiffel Tower and the French accent. Also, I like Disneyland with unsurpassed thinks and nice every room. There are wax figures. There are wax mounds of a river that you enter in boats and pass under bridges. I would like to go but I can’t, I will always try. I really like Paris.

Arhontia D.

Favourite place is Trikala

Trikala is the place that my father comes from. My family and I used to visit Trikala several times in the year because my father’s parents live there and we spent time with them. Every we visit Trikala grandparents get happy. Grandfather always try to enjoy us. We go trekking and camping in the mountains together. He plays football with us and he shows us how to train his dogs. We have fun with him. Grandmother cooks the best meals for us and she does her best to make us happy. I love them very much and I miss them.

Apostolis M.



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